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EOS-based Projects’ Positive Growth Supports EOS tokens’ price, Ripple (XRP) Asks Recusal Of Gensler From Crypto Cases, TMS Network’s (TMSN) Presale Advances To Upper Level

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

TMS network
TMS network

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Crypto investors often receive a good return on long-term investments. However, selecting a growth-oriented cryptocurrency is tricky. EOS (EOS), Ripple (XRP), and TMS Network (TMSN) are good long-term investment options. However, TMS Network (TMSN) is ideal for both short-term and long-term gains. The project has raised $500k in the first two weeks of its presale. Besides, it has bagged an investment of $2 million through a private seed sale.

EOS (EOS) Gains As Its Ecosystem Expands

EOS (EOS) has emerged as one of the most resilient and profitable projects in the past few weeks. The key reason behind the rise of EOS (EOS) is the growth of projects that operate on its blockchain. The growing popularity of Upland, Vigor Protocol, Sportbet(dot)one, and Prospectors has pushed the prices of EOS (EOS). Besides the overall growth of its ecosystem, EOS (EOS) has also benefited from the relaxed stance of Chinese authorities against cryptocurrencies. The price of EOS (EOS) has increased in the past few weeks. EOS (EOS) has increased by 17% in the last month. As a result, EOS (EOS) currently trades at $1.19, which is 95% below its all-time high of $22.89.

Ripple (XRP) CLO Asks Gensler To Recuse Himself From All Crypto Cases

As the legal case between Ripple (XRP) and SEC is nearing its end, new developments are coming up every day. In the latest event, Ripple (XRP) CLO, Alderoty, highlighted misconduct by Gary Gensler. The Ripple (XRP) senior official tweeted that Gensler had always claimed that all cryptocurrencies, except Bitcoin, were unregistered security. Hence, according to the Ripple (XRP) CLO, Gensler must “recuse himself” from voting on any enforcement case related to cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile, Ripple (XRP) has suffered a fall on the growth chart. The price of Ripple (XRP) has tumbled by more than 4% in the last 30 days. Consequently, Ripple (XRP) currently trades at $0.38, which is 90% below its all-time high of $3.84.

TMS network

TMS Network (TMSN) Grows Bigger After Raising $500k In Presale’s First Stage

TMS Network (TMSN) is a social trading infrastructure created to help traders of digital assets. It has established a structure that enables people to trade in a range of digital assets without any hassle. TMS Network’s (TMSN) presale has exploded, and completed its first stage with flying colors. Subsequently, following a price appreciation of 700%. TMS Network’s (TMSN) revenue-sharing model has attracted investors from far and wide. This financial model will allow TMS Network to distribute its revenue from the transaction fees among all TMSN holders.

TMS Network’s (TMSN) canvas covers many digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, Forex, CFDs, and stocks, to sustain enough liquidity on the platform. It helps users finalize their trades instantly. TMS Network (TMSN) facilitates instant withdrawals and deposits of digital assets with a single user interface.

Using blockchain technology, the platform ensures secure and transparent trade activities. It has utilized smart contracts to oversee all trades on the network. The transactions on the network are recorded on a decentralized public ledger. Besides, there are no middlemen on the network. So, people can complete transactions on TMS Network (TMSN) at lower costs. Scalability is another notable feature of TMS Network (TMSN), which allows the platform to handle a rise in the number of transactions without hampering its speed. The network also encourages people to do their research through its educational resources, such as market analysis and trading signals.

TMS network

In our opinion, TMS Network (TMSN) will be one of the top presales of 2023 as it shows excellent growth potential, so do not hesitate to sign up now using the links below. 

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