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Elon Musk’s Tweet About NFTs Becomes An NFT And Goes For $1.1M

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NFTs seem to have become the latest fad within the crypto space. None-fungible tokens stand alongside things like Dogecoin’s memes as well as Bitcoin’s adoption by the world’s institutions.

Elon Musk stands as an image of all three of these things, it seems, as Tesla, where he’s CEO, had purchased a spectacular amount of Bitcoin holdings and he had advocated for the Dogecoin stock dump. Now, however, it seems that he’s also taking part in the NFT space, with the space itself having been exploding in value for some time now.

Memes Upon Memes

In true Elon Musk fashion, the CEO of Tesla declared he would sell an NFT, one that’s a song of how hyped the NFT space is. Even the video portion of the song is a glorified meme: A pair of diamond hands are depicted under a moon, with Shiba Inu dogs,  the mascot of Dogecoin, circling around it. It’s a pure meme at its finest.

The NFT itself isn’t even available yet, but the glories of the crypto world didn’t make that stop anyone: Crypto users figured out how to tokenize the tweet itself, and are now trading it to test the value of the upcoming “legitimate” NFT.

Millions of USD For A Tweet About an NFT As An NFT

The Valuables platform is currently listing Elon Musk’s tweet about an upcoming NFT, selling it as an NFT. Valuables as a platform allow for Twitter users to start making offers on digital versions of any and all tweets within the Twitter platform.

NFTs Will Explode In Popularity According To New Report

In the matter of less than an hour, the NFT about an NFT announcement managed to go from $3 to $100,000 in bidding. Among those that were bidding was Loopify, an NFT curator, as well as WSBChairman.

At the time of writing, the highest bid is $1,121,000. This comes after a spectacular double-down bidding war between sinaEstavi and blackkingsun. sinaEstavi is currently the winning bid, at the time of writing.

Elon Musk Being Elon Musk

Now, the funny part is the fact that people aren’t even convinced that the tweet itself will be sold. Some are buying it as a joke, while others see it as a strategic move.

Now, if Elon Musk opted to accept the offer of tokenizing the tweet, the man would get 95% of the ETH in the bid, getting it within the hour. The rest, of course, will be part of the fee for the marketplace itself.

Now, this is all assuming Elon Musk even wants to tokenize the tweet, to begin with, and that’s not even talking about the actual NFT he plans on selling eventually. You never quite know what’s going to happen next with Musk, as the man has recently started to refer to himself as the “Technoking of Tesla”.

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