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El Salvador Launches First-Ever Pet Hospital Built With Bitcoin Profits

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El Salvador
El Salvador

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El Salvador is still keeping its sight on more adoption of Bitcoin. Four months after Nayib Bukele’s administration announced Bitcoin as a legal tender, the country is about to witness a new hospital built entirely by Bitcoin profit.

The veterinary hospital will open on February 28 and will charge $0.25 worth of BTC for each procedure.

The Hospital Is Named After Chivo Bitcoin Wallet

Apart from making history as the first country to legally allow payments in cryptocurrency, the country has also bought the digital asset massively. In October last year, the government stated that it will use the $4 million profit is realized from the purchase of its Bitcoin at the time to set up a veterinary hospital.

With the forthcoming launch of the hospital, the government has fulfilled its promise in a very short time. The hospital, named Chivo Pets, is located in San Salvador and will be operational 24/7. The name Chivo is derived from the Chivo Bitcoin wallet, a mobile app that allows users and businesses to facilitate crypto transactions.

It is equipped with quarantine rooms, rehabilitation centers, operating rooms, hospitalization, and other medical features found in most large pet hospitals.

El Salvador Remains Focused On Its Bitcoin Adoption Goal

There is no doubt that President Nayib Bukele is a staunch Bitcoin advocate. His statements and actions over the past year have proven his unquenchable belief in the future of cryptocurrency. However, El Salvador’s cryptocurrency journey has not been smooth sailing, as the country has received several criticisms. Some El Salvadorans have argued that the decision to regard Bitcoin as a legal tender could cripple the country’s economy in the long run.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) also shared the view and has asked Bukele to revise the country’s decision on Bitcoin. But El Salvador has remained adamant so far and has instead provided more opportunities for more people to use the crypto token.

The country recently launched “La Casa Del Bitcoin,” a new cryptocurrency education center, that offers “free and accessible learning opportunities,” for those that want to learn more about crypto benefits.

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