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Don’t Miss this Next NFT Project Launching in October 2022 – 3D MetaGoblins Are Changing the Face of NFTs

Metablaze NFTs
Metablaze NFTs

At this point there’s no denying it, the NFT market is in a bit of a slump. OpenSea Volume has fallen off a cliff. All our ‘normal’ friends seem to have forgotten about them, dismissing it as a passing trend. This can make it harder to know what NFTs to buy, and whether the next NFT project launching is really going to be the best NFT on the market.

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However, despite the low number of sales on Opensea, the NFT space has never been more bullish. Some of the largest companies in the world, like Starbucks and Instagram, have announced they are integrating NFTs in their business models. Neither has any available NFTs to buy right now, but their involvement is good news for the industry.

This proves that the NFT space is maturing. The age of flexing a Bored Ape on Twitter is drawing to a close. Utility driven projects like MetaBlaze NFTs and their first collection, the MetaGoblin NFT, are changing the face of the NFT market for the better.

What the Current NFT Market is Lacking

The best NFT is no longer just a trendy social media pfp, we’ve moved past that phase. In today’s evolving industry the coolest nfts and the most popular nfts right now are those that are providing utility and bring true value to holders. After all, showing off a CryptoPunk in your wallet is cool but what can you actually do with it? When looking at what NFTs to buy, it pays to look deeper.

NFT utility is moving far beyond simply being a digital status symbol. Being able to prove ownership of your JPEGs is not going to bring mass adoption to Web 3. In fact, it never was. Our digital assets need to provide consistent long-term value, or they will inevitably decline.

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As the industry evolves, collections need to offer something unique and valuable to holders. Whether that’s giving access to token-gated goods and services, play to earn gamification or professional networking opportunities, there is plenty of opportunity for visionary collections to become the next NFT project to reinvent the potential of NFTs.

With this in mind, one project that stands out is MetaBlaze. MetaBlaze NFTS aim to breathe fresh life into the NFT space and revitalize play to earn crypto gaming and integrate with social dynamics. But how is MetaBlaze pioneering change and why are they some of the best NFTs to buy right now?

How to Breathe New Life into NFTs

MetaBlaze NFTs are an integral piece of the MetaBlaze play to earn economy. Holding MetaBlaze NFTs empowers gamers to access a wealth of sustainable earning opportunities through a series of immersive and engaging NFT games that follow an iconic narrative. Their upcoming collection, the MetaGoblin NFTs, are the next NFT project waiting to explode and will be launched on Opensea NFT Marketplace on the 15th of October.


Not only are MetaBlaze NFTs helping to advance the wider NFT landscape by providing unmatched utility and earning potential, they also tick all the boxes of the coolest NFTs of the past. The MetaGoblin NFTs boasts incredible, hand-drawn art that looks stunning as a social media profile picture. Being a holder also puts you at the center of a passionate community of like-minding crypto gaming enthusiasts.

Metagoblins NFTs

By combining elements of the past with a vision of the future, MetaBlaze has achieved something incredibly unique in the space. They have paid respects to the origins of NFT culture, while also championing a new era of innovation driven by ongoing utility and value creation. This blend of the old and the new, coupled by solid fundamentals has made MetaBlaze NFTs some of the most popular NFTs right now.

Final Thoughts

While the wider cryptocurrency and NFT market is going through a quiet patch, this is a necessary period to separate the forest from the trees. All the short term, cash-grab projects have left the building, leaving behind only to real builders to perfect their craft. 

Rain or shine, MetaBlaze continues to innovate and push the space forward, confirming their position as the best NFT to buy right now, launching on OpenSea NFT Marketplace on October 15th.

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