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DocOnChain Launches Into Public Beta

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DocOnChain, a platform that’s goal is “to help enterprises and administrations reduce documents management cost and time by 80% and decrease contract cost by 60%,” has launched a public beta, according to a press release from the group.

Its platform ensures that users can digitally sign documents, “from agreement and contracts to invoices and receipts, between two enterprises or between enterprises and individuals,” the release notes.

“The blockchain architecture ensures that the signing process is tamper-proof and fully traceable, featuring signers real-name authentication linked to a digital signature via a blockchain smart contract, a verified time-stamp and more,” it continues.

This platform offers the following features:

“D.O.C Sign: a new generation of digital signature and a signing process blockchain managed which can integrate approval processes with signature tokenization.

D.O.C Passport: Digital signatures and document content is fully protected by the ‘document passport’ blockchain managed (an innovative solution developed by D.O.C to reinvent old Document Tracking Systems) which integrates an immutable audit trail of the document usage and enables to distribute unalterable copies of a document while tracking their usage.

D.O.C Verify: The platform integrates a documents verification system enabling relevant parties either via a ‘free to use’ mobile application ‘D.O.C verify’ or through the D.O.C platform, to instantly verify whether the content of a document or a copy is certified original or has been tampered with.

D.O.C Collaboration: A suite of tools that enables you to create, manage and share documents with a team or a network of partners using a template library, a secure messaging solution and a videoconferencing system with recordable video that can be associated with final contracts in folders.”

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