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DMG Blockchain Solutions Releases Mine Manager Proprietary Software

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Chicago Based EZ Blockchain Eyes Natural Gas in Permian Basin

DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc., a self-described “diversified blockchain and technology company,” has announced that it will be releasing its Mine Manager Enterprise Software called “Mine Manager,” according to a press release.

This Mine Manager does specific things like “remotely reboots, reconfigures, shuts down and diagnoses equipment, or monitors and reports hash rates, temperatures, errors and diagnostics,” the press release also states.

As of now, the Mine Manager works with “thousands of ASIC miners” at the group’s operation in British Columbia. As those clients upgrade their hardware and add to the pool, Mine Manager will automatically configure its connections to provide the best possible service.

Speaking on the matter is Adrian Glover, the CTO of DMG, who said:

“Over the last 18 months DMG has developed Mine Manager to run our own operations and now we are excited to license the product to third party industrial mining operations. Mine Manager enables large scale mining operations to automate much of the maintenance of their mining hardware, creating efficiencies of scale and a reduction in staffing requirements. Mine Manager, together with DMG’s new Blockseer Bitcoin mining pool and Walletscore (DMG’s real-time Bitcoin AML compliance tool), create an integrated software solution unparalleled in the crypto mining industry. We are excited to share more information on this suite of mining software products in the coming weeks and securing additional customers.”

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