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Dinerobet (DINERO) Price Expectation: How DINERO’s Latin Flair Might Sway Its Market Value

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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Dinerobet (DINERO) recently emerged from a consolidation phase on Dextools, drawing the attention of both buyers and investors. 

This increased interest has contributed to a significant surge in its price.

As of 8:11 a.m. EST, the token is trading at $0.00083414, reflecting a remarkable 26.5% increase over the past 24 hours, as reported by 

This substantial price movement can be attributed, in part, to a spike in trading volume, which has surged by 79% to reach $14,000 in daily trading volume. 

Additionally, DINERO has experienced a substantial 62% increase in value over the past week.

DINERO Price Analysis

DINERO/USD Chart Analysis. Source:

DINERO has experienced a price surge from the $0.0005084 support level. 

This surge enabled the bulls to drive prices higher, surpassing the $0.0006676 resistance level. However, a minor price retracement has taken place.

DINERO is trading above the 50 and 200 simple moving averages, affirming the bullish rally in the coming weeks, with the bulls maintaining control of the price. 

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) stands at 85, indicating a robust rebound from the oversold zone of 30 and underscoring substantial buying pressure.

With strong support from the 50 and 200 simple moving averages, DINERO exhibits a bullish bias, empowering the bulls to set their sights on resistance levels at $0.001036 and $0.001425. 

Conversely, if the bears regain control and initiate a decline, the bulls may look to find support at the $0.0007570 support zone.

In a significant development for the rapidly expanding web3 gambling sector, crypto startup TG.Casino has recently launched on Telegram. TGC token could be a noteworthy alternative for those interested in DINERO.

TG.Casino Presale Rapidly Selling, Crosses $350k

In its ongoing presale, TG.Casino has successfully raised an impressive $362,877. 

Potential investors must act promptly to participate in one of the hottest presales of 2023. 

TG.Casino is likely to achieve its fundraising target of $5 million shortly.
Early presale investors can earn a substantial annual percentage yield (APY).

TGC offers a share of the platform’s profits to $TGC token holders, with the most significant benefits going to token stakers.

Buy TGC Now at $0.125. Presale Inching Toward its Goal

TG.Casino operates a buyback program in which 40% of these tokens are burned, while the remaining 60% is distributed to $TGC token stakers.

Priced at just $0.125 per token, now is the ideal time to invest in $TGC.

At this presale price, $TGC is valued with a market capitalization of just $12.5 million. 

$TGC is distinguished as one of the most equitable launches of the year.

Unlike other similar crypto presales, where early investors or the token development team might reserve a substantial portion of the token supply for themselves, $TGC boasts fair tokenomics.

Specifically, 40% of the token supply is made available to the general public at $0.125. 

An additional 20% is allocated to DEX liquidity, 20% is devoted to staking rewards, 10% is earmarked for player rewards, 5% is designated for marketing, and only 5% is set aside for the project’s affiliates.

For added confidence, token buyers can rest assured that the leading blockchain security firm Coinsult audited the project’s smart contract. 

Prominent YouTuber Alessandro De Crypto, with 11k subscribers, has reviewed TGC, explaining how to buy and invest in the presale phase.

You can buy the token using ETH, BNB, and USDT (ERC-20 and BEP-20) and operate it on the Ethereum blockchain.

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