Deploy Immersive Virtual Reality Marketing Anywhere on the Globe

Deploy and Reposition Augmented Virtual Reality Assets in Prime Global Advertising Markets.

Tired of advertising your products and services to the same old community? Why not take out a billboard advertisement in Tokyo or Dubai? The cost? — a casual $50,000 a week. What if you could pick up the same advertising space for a few tokens—ARCONA tokens, that is? Arcona is an augmented virtual reality (AVR) ecosystem selling the virtual outdoor real estate, including the most desired advertising spaces in the world. In the Digital Land, a virtual reality world layered over the real world, token holders can buy, sell, and rent digital land and advertising spaces across the globe. “We are providing a platform and user augmented reality space where anyone in the world can see the content,” explains co-founder Danill Girdea.

Many marketers are only starting to wake up to the fact that, in order to be competitive, businesses will need to present their products and services through augmented virtual reality. After years of hype and prototypes, all major content platforms are supporting or developing virtual reality infrastructure. Augmented reality provides a way for advertisers to set themselves apart in a very saturated digital advertising market with an immersive customer experience that has proven to increase customer engagement.

While advertising in an AVR world is considerably cheaper than billboard space in Tokyo, developing and maintaining an AVR presence will be a large expense for businesses. 3D designers need to be hired and compelling content to compete for consumer views have to be created. The app interface needs to be developed and suitable content hosts sourced for a virtual world. With new AVR content systems continually being introduced on new and existing content platforms, positioning virtual reality content is in itself an ongoing, time-consuming, and costly undertaking.

A Low-Cost Portal to the AVR Advertising World

Arcona’s solution is to provide anyone with Arcona tokens, a portal to the outdoor virtual advertising world. Once you’ve slipped into this Matrix-like world, you can place advertisements on major outdoor spaces for a fraction of the real-world cost, display and market products and services, and host exhibits and tours in the space. Any business can benefit from a virtual reality space, including real estate, tourism, gaming, media, advertising, education, and art. Arcona not only provides the interface to the virtual world but also takes care of all promotional activities on behalf of platform projects.

The virtual platform provides small companies an edge in the expensive global advertising market. They do not have to hire 3D artists, programmers, or computer vision specialists to visualize their products and services. Large and small advertisers alike benefit from an always-on ramp to the virtual world where Arcona works behind the scenes to ensure integration with AR content providers and tools.

Beyond creating an immersive and even fantastical world, the advertiser has unprecedented control over the advertising environment. Environments can easily be adapted to meet customer preferences, Girdea explains: “You can change your real-world surroundings on the fly. You can change the environment remotely anywhere in the world working on your PC.”

Arcona actively incentivizes developers specializing in machine vision, GIS, blockchain, C ++ and related technologies to create AVR tools on its platform. This virtual reality ecosystem is powered by the Blockchain, making it easy to protect developer copyright work through a smart contract. Arcona makes high tourist areas easily accessible to developers so they can quickly position assets in the geographies they want to be seen in the world. Moreover, the platform can

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