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Decentralized Fiverr and Upwork Platform Raises $1.4M – Don’t Miss Out

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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DeeLance is simply a decentralized web3 marketplace offering quality employment to its users secured by blockchain technology. Its native token, $DLANCE, powers all activities within its ecosystem and beyond, creating a bridge between Web-2 and Web-3.

It is an effective job marketplace connecting freelancers to trusted and reliable employers for access to quality work. It offers its users access to modern features and the numerous benefits of interacting with the Metaverse.

DeeLance is fully decentralized and available to the public to access its services easily. However, it does not compromise security, as freelancers and employers are verified to eliminate fake accounts. 


Freelancing is one of the fastest growing niches in 2023 following the covid pandemic era when most organizations assembled workers from remote locations.

Its advanced blockchain tech gives its users access to a transparent and secure platform for quality freelance gigs. DeeLance offers practical solutions to combat the rising unemployment rates globally. 

Welcome To The Decentralized DeeLance Metaverse

One of DeeLance’s unique features is its captivating Metaverse and its exciting benefits. Users can meet virtually in the Metaverse using thematic rooms to exhibit their works in an interactive environment.

Also, they can participate in virtual networking events and job fairs, shifting the limits of geographical barriers. This feature makes it an ideal tool for the growing demand for remote work in the global work landscape.

Also, users can purchase office space within the Metaverse, buy lands, and lease office spaces for a smart and effective environment. 

NFT Marketplace Creates Additional Income Streams

DeeLance users have exclusive access and rights to its unique NFT marketplace to buy and trade NFTs securely. 

Notably, NFTs tokenize the freelancers’ unique and valuable pieces of work. These NFTs serve as proof of ownership and enable royalties for future use or sale. 

Royalties translate to recurring earnings or passive income, an exciting opportunity for DeeLance users. They also help verify freelancers’ credentials and their reputation on the platform to add trust and transparency for all transacting parties. 

What Gives DeeLance And Edge In The Freelance Space?

DeeLance boasts exciting security features such as escrow protection and secure user verification. Most regular job boards are overcrowded, with few jobs offered at high premium rates and no guarantees.

Unfortunately, some freelancers encounter scammers and fake accounts on these sites that refuse to pay even after completing a job. This results in numerous disputes and a lack of trust between users and service providers.

DeeLance’s Escrow protection feature ensures that freelancers receive their payments once their jobs are completed. 

Additionally, DeeLance offers its users arguably the best rates in the job market. Its client fee is 2% of the total amount, while the freelancer fee is 10%. Also, its instant withdrawal features beat other platforms’ models since they have a minimum withdrawal amount for their users. 

DeeLance offers its services without bias giving all freelancers equal opportunities and sending out payments as $DLANCE, its utility token currently on presale. 

$DLANCE Presales


$DLANCE is the token that powers all activities and transactions within the ecosystem and the Metaverse. Using these tokens, users can obtain facilities such as Metaverse plots and virtual office spaces. 

The token is currently on presale, and each token is worth $0.043, with a price increase to $0.048 coming up in ten days. DeeLance announced on their official Twitter handle that the presale has attained a milestone of $1.46 million from investors.

Also, an exciting partnership with Bounce Finance, a decentralized auction protocol, was announced on July 3, 2023. This partnership empowers users to create and join various auctions across multiple blockchain networks.

The value of DeeLance will likely increase when it trades in the open market, rewarding its early token holders. These tokens are acquired using direct deposit with USDT (BEP-20 or ERC-20), ETH, BNB, or bank cards.

Why Join The Decentralized DeeLance Wagon

DeeLance is a blockchain-powered project with massive utility and potential that will keep it relevant in the crypto spaceWith its innovative features, it will likely become a force to reckon with in the freelance niche due to rising global crypto adoption.

Platform users have diverse opportunities to earn rewards and compete on a level field in the job marketplace. 

DeeLance - New Web3 Coin Presale

Our Rating

  • First Decentralized Freelancing Network
  • Find Employers in the Metaverse
  • NFT Marketplace, $100k Giveaway
  • Presale Stage One Live Now
  • SolidProof & Coinsult Audited

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