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DatChat Partners With MetaBizz To Develop An All-New Metaverse

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On July 26, DatChat announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary “SmarterVerse” has successfully entered into a joint venture with MetaBizz to establish an all-new virtual world named “The Habytat Metaverse.”

Launched in 2014, DatChat is a blockchain-enabled cybersecurity, Metaverse advertising platform, and social media company. DatChat is renowned for allowing users to change how long conversations may last before or after they send, prevent screenshots, and hide encrypted photos in plain sight on camera rolls.

On the other hand, the newly integrated MetaBizz is an infrastructure firm dedicated to devising, creating, and developing 4D experiences in the Metaverse to provide solutions, business opportunities, and a safe space for social interactions to enhance human life.

The joint venture anticipates creating a mobile-based social networking Metaverse “The Habytat,” which will utilize DatChat functionalities such as Dynamic Content non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The two teams will leverage blockchain digital rights management and micro blockchain technology to establish a new social networking and commercial Metaverse.

The Habytat will democratize ownership in the Metaverse making virtual assets accessible to almost anyone. While commenting about the new integration, Darin Myman, the CEO of DatChat, remarked:

“We believe that the Metaverse should be a shared virtual space that is interactive, immersive, and hyper-realistic; while it initially presents those characteristics, we are quickly noticing users participate if they own property.”

“There is currently a land grab for Metaverse property, which we think has hindered widespread adoption. I believe The Habytat will be at the forefront of a solution allowing more people to have an ownership stake in the Metaverse, creating further growth opportunities.”

Under the new integration, Gianfranco Lopane, currently the Head of Business Development at DatChat, will now serve as the Head of Product at The Habytat Metaverse. According to the agreement terms, DatChat will own 60 percent of the joint venture while MetaBizz will own 40 percent.

In addition, MetaBizz will contribute more than twenty software developers and graphic designers based in North and South America. In the meantime, a video preview of The Habytat Metaverse is accessible on and


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