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CyberConnect Price Prediction: CYBER Rockets 28% – Institutional Money Flowing In?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

CyberConnect Price Prediction: CC Soars by 128% – What's the Key Driver?
CyberConnect Price Prediction: CC Soars by 128% – What's the Key Driver?

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The recent price movements of CyberConnect CYBER have attracted significant milestones to the network. At 5:38 a.m. EST on August 31, the asset traded at $8.5, reflecting growth of over 11% in the past 24 hours. 

This significant price change within a short period projects the high-growth potential of the asset, suggesting further price pumps in the coming days.

CYBER’s Consecutive Gains Depict Potential for More Rallies in the Short Term

Since its launch, the coin’s price has been recording dramatic rallies, spiking by 28% from its price on August 15. 

Over the past two weeks, data from Coingecko confirmed CYBER’s significant 111% gain, representing the bullish trend of the asset despite being a new launch in the market. 

Given its significant 109% surge within the past seven days, there is a tendency that the coin could hit higher gains by the beginning of September.

But CYBER’s trading volume is down by 2%, slightly reducing investors’ interest. However, speculations are rising that the achievements within the CyberConnect ecosystem could fuel CYBER’s growth, attracting more traders and investors shortly.

CYBER’s Listing on Bithumb Could Revive Investor’s Interest

In an announcement, a South Korean crypto exchange, Bithumb KRW Marketplace, unveiled its intention to incorporate the CyberConnect token onto its trading platform.

This will allow the token to reach a larger audience, increasing its utility and trading activities.

Although, for now, the exchange only supports token deposits via the Ethereum network, this newly established deposit avenue will enable investors to securely retain their CYBER tokens, awaiting their traceability status within the platform.

Like other crypto assets, the value of CYBER exhibits a positive reaction to such a pivotal advancement and could garner the attention of more investors within a short period.

CyberConnect’s Partnership with WOOFI Could Unlock Several Benefits for CYBER

A tweet on the X platform revealed that the full-stack infrastructure for web3, Particle Network, has collaborated with CyberConnect for their CyberTrek campaign. This will entail a 10 thousand whitelist spots giveaway with up to $1.8 million worth of participant rewards.

The promotional campaign outlined in this announcement can potentially boost the price of the CYBER token in several ways, including increased awareness, demand, scarcity, and positive sentiment.

By partnering with a well-known entity like @ParticleNtwrk, the CYBER token gains exposure to a broader audience. This heightened visibility can attract new investors and traders who might not have been aware of the token.

Also, offering a limited number of whitelist spots (10,000 in this case) creates a sense of scarcity. This scarcity can increase demand as people compete to secure their spot, increasing buying pressure for the CYBER token.

The language used in the campaign announcement (“electrifying adventure,” “jaw-dropping rewards,” “amazing opportunity,” and “exclusive offer”) generates excitement and positive sentiment around the token. This could influence traders and investors to enter the market, contributing to price appreciation.

As such, CYBER’s short and long-term price actions should be worth monitoring.

CYBER’s Hourly Chart Projects Overbought Market Condition in the Short Term


The chart above shows that CYBER trades between the upper and middle Bollinger bands. This observation depicts an upcoming overbought market condition, suggesting further price growth for the coin before today ends.

Also evident on the Relative Strength Index, CYBER’s RSI is at 59, a neutral position. However, its upward trajectory suggests increasing buying pressure, confirming the coin’s potential rally to the overbought market zone (above 70).

Thanks to these bullish signals, traders and investors may consider these indications an excellent time to enter the coin’s market. However, it’s advisable to be cautious as the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) is bearish on the hourly chart.

CYBER Approaches $9.30 Resistance – Can It Break Out?


CYBER has found a resistance barrier at $9.30 and a support foundation at $7.33. As such, various potential scenarios may unfold. If the price breaches the $9.30 resistance, this could signal a bullish trend, reflecting rising demand and further appreciation. 

Conversely, a failure to surpass resistance might trigger a temporary pullback as traders book profits, possibly guiding the price toward the support level. 

A bounce off the $7.33 support might indicate a bullish response, with support often prompting increased buying activity and price recovery. However, breaking below the support could trigger a bearish trend, potentially leading to further downward movement. 

A period of consolidation between the two levels might ensue, prompting traders to await more precise signals before taking significant positions. 

Also, heightened trading activity and volatility could accompany approaches to these levels. But remember, while technical analysis offers insights, cryptocurrency markets are influenced by various factors, including sentiment, news, regulations, and broader market trends.

So, carefully monitoring the market and the asset’s movement could help you make informed trading decisions. Meanwhile, meme coins are emerging dramatically and capturing the interest of significant investors in no time. 

For instance, the latest meme coin with a stake-to-earn model, Sonik, poses as a promising investment alternative for CYBER, thanks to its potentially faster returns on investment.

 Interested investors can leverage its presale as an opportunity to get in early.

What Makes Sonik a Strong Alternative to CyberConncet?

Sonik might be considered a compelling alternative to CyberConnect due to its distinctive features and ambitious goals. Sonik’s rapid growth and aspiration to swiftly achieve a $100 million market cap could indicate a strong potential for early investors to reap substantial returns. 

The allocation of 40% of its total token supply to staking rewards challenges the speculative nature often associated with other tokens, fostering practical utility.

Moreover, Sonik’s accessible presale entry point of $0.000014 per token, combined with its allocation for exchange liquidity, suggests an emphasis on post-launch stability. 

The fact that 50% of its token supply is reserved for early investors might attract those seeking to engage early. However, conducting comprehensive research is essential before determining if Sonik is a superior alternative to CyberConnect.

 Factors such as the technology behind each project, their respective use cases, teams, partnerships, and market sentiment all play a role in evaluating their potential.

$SONIK Raises More Than $851,000 with Over 30.3 Billion Tokens Staked

The project’s ongoing token presale has now reached a milestone of $851,655 out of its $2,098,547 initial valuation. 

As the project claims to be the fastest meme coin ever, it’s likely to hit this $2.09 million benchmark before the presale ends. One key factor that could fuel this movement is the fear of missing out (FOMO).

According to the presale widget, $SONIK is left with five days before it hits several exchanges. So those interested in the project can buy it affordably at $0.000014 now.

Notably, Sonik (SONIK) is also a stake-to-earn crypto project, and so far, it has recorded over 30.3 billion tokens staking in its smart contract dashboard. This shows the high level of interest from investors toward the project.

Given the effect of staking, SONIK will likely maintain consistent price rallies when it hits exchanges. Also, by incentivizing the staking process, SONIK holders are entitled to crypto rewards whenever they stake their tokens in the smart contract.


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