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Crypto YouTuber Crypto Boy Provides Update on the Next Big Staking Crypto Gem

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Crypto YouTuber Crypto Boy Provides Update on the Next Big Staking Crypto Gem
Crypto YouTuber Crypto Boy Provides Update on the Next Big Staking Crypto Gem

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In Crypto Boy’s newest YouTube video, he explores the details of Sponge, giving viewers a glimpse into the current presale and the upcoming launch of Sponge V2.

The video intends to discuss various subjects, such as the present market situation, expected upgrades, and responses to common user questions.

Crypto Boy underscores the noteworthy 100x price increase Sponge V1 went through in 2023, stressing the significance of obtaining this version directly from the official website.

Staking features, available on wallets like MetaMask or Trust Wallet, provide users with an easy method to boost returns and potentially get Sponge V2 without extra expenses.

Sponge V2 boosts Sponge V1 ecosystem with huge staking rewards

As Crypto Boy talks about the numbers—like the 5.2 billion Sponge tokens staked, valued at $4.32 million—the vibe stays positive about making profits with both Sponge versions. He strongly suggests buying Sponge tokens through the official website using the provided link for a safe and smooth transaction.

To get the new Sponge V2 tokens, holders and new investors have two choices. Newcomers can easily buy Sponge V2 tokens with ETH, USDT, or fiat on the website.

For the 13,000 long-time holders of the original $SPONGE token, they need to switch to Sponge V2 through a straightforward staking process. The staking method is getting a lot of attention because of an impressive 300%+ staking APY (currently at 306%).

This has attracted both long-term holders and new investors, with 5,277,940,758 $SPONGE tokens staked for switching, totaling almost $4 million in locked value. The staking bridge is a big vote of confidence in the Sponge project’s future.

Given the strong performance of $SPONGE in 2023, it’s clear that Sponge V2 could be one of the biggest meme coin launches this year.

The potential of play-to-earn gaming sparks interest in the Sponge V2 token

Taking inspiration from the success of the original token, Sponge V2 aims for even greater heights by introducing play-to-earn (P2E) gaming elements to boost its expansion. The development team has been actively creating a racing game where $SPONGEV2 holders can use their tokens.

Players can opt for a free version of the game for fun or choose a paid version with P2E features. In the paid version, players can compete with others and earn $SPONGEV2 rewards by making it to the leaderboards.

With the anticipation of blockchain-based gaming gaining massive popularity in the upcoming years, Sponge V2 appears well-positioned to ride this trend and grab attention early on.

Additionally, Sponge V2’s meme-style branding could enhance the game’s reach, drawing in a broader audience of casual gamers who connect with the project’s humorous vibe.

Therefore, even if a small number of gaming enthusiasts join the Sponge V2 community, it could contribute to $SPONGEV2 matching or surpassing the growth seen in Sponge V1’s journey.

They point out that community involvement and being listed on major exchanges are factors that can help Sponge V2 grow. They also discuss tokenomics, which includes details like reward percentages and a total supply of 150 billion tokens. Check out our price prediction for Sponge V2.

The plan for Sponge V2 is laid out, including upcoming things like getting listed on crypto exchanges, claiming options, and introducing a play-to-earn game. The game’s significance in earning tokens in the Sponge V2 system is emphasized, bringing an exciting aspect for possible investors.


Users are invited to share their thoughts and experiences about Sponge V1 and Sponge V2 in the comments, promoting a community connection.

Crypto Boy wraps up the video by encouraging viewers to show support by hitting the like button and expressing excitement for the upcoming journey with both Sponge versions aiming for new record highs.

This thorough overview serves as a helpful guide for those keen on navigating the Sponge Token realm and staying updated on the latest happenings in the crypto world for both versions. To take part in the $SPONGEV2 presale visit


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