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Crypto Markets Experience Positive Trading Patterns In All Top Currencies

One Fifth Of The World’s Population Engages In Crypto Trading
One Fifth Of The World’s Population Engages In Crypto Trading

The cryptocurrency markets are experiencing growth across the board, with all top cryptocurrencies trading in the green and the market cap of the top 100 rising.

Cryptocurrency markets experienced a slump on Thursday which saw the top cryptocurrencies all experience small losses in their market cap value. Bitcoin dropped by $1,400 to trade at all the ay back at $10,380 while Ether had also fallen backward to trade at $300. Ripple also saw a regression in its market value as it experienced a hard crash from $0.45 to $0.39 on Thursday.

The Market Recovers

The top cryptocurrencies have all now come back up and have regained their market share value. Bitcoin has experienced a 14% increase in value since its slump and it is now trading above the $12,000 mark. Ether, the second biggest cryptocurrency based on the size of market caps, gained 5% to trade at $308. Ripple experienced modest gains of 1.8% and started trading at $0.415.

Other smaller cryptocurrencies are also experiencing positive growth patterns on the market. One such example is Chainlink (LINK), the 19th biggest cryptocurrency, which has shown an exceptional 26% gain on the markets. The top 100 cryptocurrencies on the market have increased their total market cap value to $311.7 billion according to Coin360.

A Good Time To Trade

This positive position that is being held by all the top cryptocurrencies and is being mimicked across the market may be the start of bullish runs that analysts have predicted for the top cryptocurrencies. Bull runs have been predicted for Bitcoin and Ether and the current signs on the crypto trading market point to those predictions being correct.

Due to renewed interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a whole, Bitcoin trading has attracted more attention and this may be another factor influencing the green being seen across the market. Traders looking to buy Bitcoin may benefit immensely from the predicted bullish run if indeed it comes to pass.

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