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Crypto Experts Are Saying This New Move-to-Earn Crypto is Better than STEPN – Here’s Why (FGHT)

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Crypto Experts Are Saying This New Move-to-Earn Crypto is Better than STEPN – Here's Why (FGHT)
Crypto Experts Are Saying This New Move-to-Earn Crypto is Better than STEPN – Here's Why (FGHT)

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Fight Out is a fitness platform that rewards users for engaging in physical activities with earnings. It offers a play-to-earn and train-to-earn model and currently ranks as one of the best presales in 2023.

It will list seven exchanges, BitForex, LBank, BKEX, Changelly Pro, Uniswap,, and DigiFinex. This shows that the project is trusted and can explode to reward investors in a short period.

Fight Out is a solution to challenges faced by traditional gaming models. One challenge is the exploitative model of sometimes unnecessary in-game purchases. These purchases do not often translate to better value for the gamer, and a proper reward system is lacking. The developers have created innovative and fun ways for users to keep fit while earning rewards as incentives.

FightOut Leading The Fitness Revolution

With the introduction of Web3, artificial intelligence, and Metaverse-based gaming, players are no longer satisfied with the old gaming models. FightOut harnesses blockchain technology to create a unique gaming experience for users where regular exercise is the goal. 

Also, the platform aims to serve as an integration bridge for a smooth transition from Web2 to Web3 with smooth UX integrations. The low entry barrier and non-discriminatory project model will encourage mass adoption among the fitness community.

With so many avoidable health challenges caused by an inactive lifestyle, this platform will motivate users to live the best version of their lives. Players can mint a unique NFT avatar after a successful account creation that is not transferrable. This avatar will portray the users’ abilities and accomplishments. 

Why Join The Fight Out Train?

Fight Out has drawn worldwide attention and unveiled a list of professional athletes as its ambassadors. These ambassadors include Amanda Ribas (MMA Fighter), Savannah Marshal (Professional boxer), and Taila Santos (MMA Fighter).

The dedication and discipline of these athletes symbolize what the platform represents, which is a total commitment to fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Also, the Fight Out train-and-earn model is unrivaled worldwide. Users upgrade their avatars as they improve their physical fitness. 

Access to workout classes and coaching sessions are some of the perks of being a Fight Out member with FGHT tokens. While FGHT is the native token of the Fight Out platform, REPS is an in-app off-chain token given to users as a reward for achievements. Also, REPS tokens cater to in-app purchases such as cosmetics and power-ups for Avatars. 

A Step-By-Step Model Worth Your Sweat

The Fight Out mobile app will monitor physical fitness, exercise plans, and other needs such as nutrition. Beginners will find the instructional videos on the platform handy as they take their first steps to keep fit. 

The fitness plans are adjustable to work around a tight schedule and record vital statistics to monitor progress. The instructional videos come pre-recorded by professional fitness gurus who will guide a user through the rigors of fitness and staying dedicated. 

Also, there are plans to set up 20 physical fitness centers in various locations by the fourth quarter of 2023. Such centers will encourage the growing Fight Out community to remain committed to their personal and collective goals. 

These fitness centers will be an exclusive facility for the Fight Out community, with directions available on the mobile app. They will feature the best equipment with professional coaches and trainers available. Also, they will have virtual walls displaying users’ avatars on a digital screen.

Reward-Based Contests 

Savanna Marshal will lead ambassador challenges and contests for the Fight Out community. Users can participate in these contests for rewards and to compete for top spots on the leaderboard. These challenges will take place virtually and in the Fight Out gyms. 

Players can challenge these athletes with their NFTs and access training videos based on Cardio, Strength, and Mobility. Also, the Fight Out platform supports betting, and users can bet on their favorite sports activities with FGHT tokens to earn rewards. 

Fight Out Presale 

Source: Twitter 

The Fight Out Presale has been a record-breaking experience, with over $5.53 million raised. Investors consider the project a goldmine and have stored tokens for its eventual listing. Also, the new bonus scheme has attracted more investors and will reward FGHT holders with extra tokens up to 67% more than their initial purchase. 

A participant must purchase a minimum of $50,000 worth of FGHT tokens and hold them for 36 months to unlock this bonus. Also, there will be an additional 10% bonus for participants already invested in and utilized the bonus offer. Early investors will also receive exclusive NFTs and access to the latest development trends in the Ecosystem. 

1 FGHT token is worth 0.03090 USDT and will increase in the next six days. The presales will conclude on March 31, 2023, with the centralized exchange listing set for April 5, 2023. 

Users can purchase FGHT tokens using a MetaMask wallet or a Trust Wallet. Mobile users will find it easier using the Trust Wallet to purchase $FGHT with a card, ETH, or USDT.

The Fight Out Roadmap


FightOut has provided its community with a detailed roadmap for activities since its launch in 2022 and for the future.

                      2022 Q4 Presale website launch 

Institutional round

Token contract deployment and audit

Marketing campaign launch

Athlete and Ambassador social campaigns

                    2023 Q1                       Centralized Exchange (CEX) listing round

 Funding round closes

 Invitational Fight Out app testing

 Limited edition fighter NFTs launch

 Official Fight Out website launch

 $FGHT staking launched

                    2023 Q2 Fight Out app launch

 App Launch Party 

 NFT Avatar Launch

 First pro-fighter workouts launch

                    2023 Q3 First NFT cosmetics launch 

 More earnable badges and utilities unlocked

 More on-demand fighter content released

 Expanded in-app social features

                  2023 Q4 and beyond  A functional in-app marketplace

 Additional on-demand fighter content

 Launching of REPS challenges

 PVP contests launched

 Play-to-Earn ecosystem Launch


Final Thoughts

Fight Out (FGHT) is an innovative platform that seeks to transform the lifestyle of its users and promote fitness worldwide. With celebrity endorsements and a well-planned road map for the project, it is easy to understand why investors are grabbing the tokens. 

The mobile application will usher in a new phase for the move-to-earn platform.  Users can access fitness videos and nutritional plans with the app and locate physical fitness centers. 

FGHT token presales will end by March 31, 2023, before they list on centralized exchanges. Early investors can benefit from the bonus packages available if they fulfill the requirements.

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