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Craig Wright Seeks to Challenge Court Order

Craig Wright Seeks to Challenge Court Order
Craig Wright Seeks to Challenge Court Order

Craig Wright, an Australian scientist who claims to be Bitcoin’s inventor Satoshi Nakamoto, will challenge Judge Reinhart’s decision to dismiss his sworn statements.

Objection filed with the court

Wright has filed an objection on Reinhart’s ruling at the US District Court of Southern Florida. Reinhart had dismissed Wright’s Kenyan lawyer’s declaration in his ruling, suggesting that he did not believe in his statements. According to Wright’s motion, the Magistrate Order on Discovery

“erroneously disregarded the attorney-client relationship between defendant and his Kenyan attorney based on preconceived and previously formulated conclusions of defendant’s character.”

Craig Wright Seeks to Challenge Court Order

The defendant told the court that he is not able to prove his access to the trust and cites attorney-client privilege as the reason behind this. Judge Reinhart didn’t believe in his story and doubted that the lawyer even exists. He also had doubts about Wright’s credibility. Note that Wright has been claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto for years now but has never been able to show proof that he actually created Bitcoin blockchain. He has also been discredited by crypto industry figures like Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin.

Unfair treatment

Craig Wright suggests that judge Reinhart’s orders against him should be reversed as he was treated unfairly by the judge. He said that his decision was based simply on personal characters and not on facts. He added that character evidence doesn’t hold much probative value and could even be prejudicial. It could distract the judge from the main issue of what actually happened.

The matter has been developing since 2018 and Judge Reinhart has dismissed all of Wright’s legal arguments. He has a history of producing fake documents- as noted by the judge. He said that he refuses to base his judgment on a document that could easily be reproduced with a pen and a word processing software.

The judge’s statements have merit since Wright has frequently been ousted for producing fake documents. The counsel of the plaintiff suggested that the emails that he reportedly sent between 2011 and 2012 had metadata that makes clarifies they are forged and were only sent recently. In fact, Wright used a font in an email that he claimed to have sent in 2011, which was copyrighted in 2015.

The estate of David Kleiman, his late business partner, has filed a lawsuit against Wright for misappropriating a $10 billion fortune. Kleiman died in 2013 but he reportedly maintained contact with Wright and talked about a form of electronic money months before Bitcoin was actually launched.

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