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CoinMarketCap Leverages Gilded For Crypto-Based Invoices And Payments

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CoinMarketCap, a well-known data aggregation platform, has recently announced its partnership with Gilded, a US-based payments startup. The plan is to use the firm’s services to automate the invoicing process on CoinMarketCap, as well as giving clients crypto payment options.

A New Partnership

Gilded offers the ability to leverage crypto payments to various interesting small- and medium-sized businesses.

The Gilded team, based in New Orleans, further allows companies to integrate its service to existing accounting software. Thus, the qualities that Gilded offers have attracted one of the biggest players in the crypto data aggregation arena: CoinMarketCap.

The Mandatory Good Words

Spencer Yang, the Vice President of Operations & Growth within CoinMarketCap, gave a brief statement in a press release made about the new partnership. Yang explained that Gilded allows for the integration of the sales process to the receipt of payment in an easy format.

This, Yang says, enables the team at CoinMarketCap to focus on the delivery of value to its various customers instead of being bogged down by manually processing payments. With the new partnership, Yang stated that CoinMarketCap could hold higher levels of predictability, as well as leverage the initiatives that Gilded has on best practices.

Gil Hildebrand, the CEO of Gilded, gave a public statement, as well. He explained that digital currencies serve to empower businesses to do global transactions, all the while minimizing fees and accelerating cash flow. With this solution, Hildebrand stated that accounting and digital currency payments would be put on autopilot. Thus, businesses can focus on overall growth and innovations when they use the Gilded service.

New Horizons

With the recent acquisition of CoinMarketCap by Binance, it’s expected that Yang and his team have attracted a range of new clients. The influx of new clients is expected to be increased, even more, thanks to the company now leveraging Gilded. With Gilded’s help, it’s expected to have new clients be capable of service invoices through the use of cryptocurrencies.

This comes alongside Gilded’s February announcement, where it made a partnership with TrustToken. Through this partnership, users of Gilded have been made capable of using stablecoin versions of the US, Canadian, Australian, and Hong Kong Dollar, as well as the British Pound.

The new partnership between CoinMarketCap and Gilded stands to offer a unique case study when it comes to crypto adoptions. IT will allow its users both traditional and crypto payment options, which may smoothen the learning curve that comes with using cryptocurrencies.

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