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Coinbase’s ‘Moving America Forward’ Campaign Boosts Crypto Adoption Nationwide

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Why Are Out-Of-Pocket Coinbase Customers Holding Up The Criminal Case?
Why Are Out-Of-Pocket Coinbase Customers Holding Up The Criminal Case?

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Leading U.S. crypto exchange, Coinbase will launch a national advertising campaign titled “Moving America Forward.” The campaign aims to emphasize the crucial role of cryptocurrency in modernizing the global financial system. 

Coinbase’s Moving America Forward Campaign Driving Crypto Adoption for the Future of Finance

The initiative will also feature a series of four ads starring Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, scheduled to air during popular Sunday shows and NBA Finals ad breaks. Coinbase’s campaign seeks to educate the public about crypto’s significance as an underlying technology shaping the future of finance worldwide.

The campaign aims to promote cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption globally, including in countries like China. Its primary goal is to highlight the potential consequences of the United States relinquishing its role in developing technology crucial to the global financial infrastructure.

The campaign consists of four weekly ads with specific themes: “The History of Money Initiative,” “Stand With Crypto Day,” “Real People Using Crypto for Real Needs,” and “The State of Crypto Summit.” Each ad will premiere consecutively, raising awareness and garnering support for crypto and blockchain adoption.

Exciting Crypto Ad Campaign and Events to Promote Economic Freedom

The History of Money Initiative ad campaign explores the entire timeline of currency, tracing its evolution from goats in 10,000 BC to the present era of cryptocurrencies. The campaign features a wallscape drive on Wall Street that visually captures the historian’s extensive research and discoveries. Additionally, an armored money truck will be transformed into a mobile billboard to emphasize the campaign’s message further.

The Stand With Crypto Day ad promotes a forthcoming lobbying-focused event hosted by the firm. This event, scheduled for July 19 in Washington, D.C., will unite members of the crypto community who will actively advocate for crypto-friendly policies with their respective members of Congress.

The remaining two ads, Real People Using Crypto for Real Needs and The State of Crypto Summit, highlight how individuals actively use cryptocurrencies to pursue economic freedom. These ads showcase practical examples of people integrating crypto into their lives and promote another event organized by Coinbase exchange, held in New York City on June 22, which explores the current state and prospects of the crypto industry.

Coinbase’s Shares Rise 7.56% Amid Focus on Financial Technology Modernization and Campaign Launches

Coinbase Global Inc. experienced a 7.56% increase in shares over the past 24 hours, with a trading price of $61.07 at the time of writing, as reported by Google Finance. The company launched a new campaign this year, which follows a similar ad from earlier in the year, and focuses on modernizing financial technology through cryptocurrency. 

In March, Coinbase released a YouTube ad titled “It’s Time to Update the Financial System.” During the NFL Super Bowl in February 2022, they aired an ad featuring a scannable QR code that directed users to a promotional BTC giveaway page. On May 12, Coinbase established the Global Advisory Council, composed of former U.S. lawmakers and industry leaders, to navigate the increasingly complex and evolving crypto landscape worldwide. 

Additionally, in February, they started a grassroot political campaign called “#Crypto435,” which aims to amplify the voices of crypto users in all 435 congressional districts in the United States.

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