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The CODI Ecosystem Is Gaining Massive Traction As The Protocol Gears Up For IEO

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CODI Finance Ecosystem
CODI Finance Ecosystem

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November 2, 2021 –  CODI finance, a “game-changing” DeFi ecosystem aims to become a fully decentralized ecosystem by providing its users with innovative decentralized financial products and creating a governance structure in which users run and manage the platform.

The platform governance is designed in such a way that the CODI community can vote on new features and any integration that will be beneficial to the community.

The innovative CODI Ecosystem includes distinct features such as:

  • IDO Launchpad DEX
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Decentralized Lending platform
  • DAO Governance Model
  • Fully customizable Vesting Protocol

CODI is working on building a strong IDO launchpad on the Solana Blockchain, which is known for its speed and scalability. CODI aims to build a platform that will allow new DeFi projects to raise funds from passionate investors in the community.

CODI’s IDO Launchpad recognizes that there are many innovative DeFi projects, but they find it difficult to raise funds and achieve liquidity. New DeFi projects can scale and attract users who share their vision and goals by leveraging CODI’s use of the scalable Solana blockchain.

The CODI Decentralized Lending platform will be a non-custodial liquidity market platform, with users having the option of participating as either lenders or borrowers. Borrowers will be able to borrow using their digital assets as collateral, while lenders will provide liquidity to the network while earning passive income from deposits.

The goal is to build a system with a DAO governance structure that will allow platform users to manage it. That is, a lending platform that does not rely on centralized control or a ‘third-party’.

Artists and collectors will be able to trade NFTs in a secure and timely manner thanks to the CODI NFT marketplace. The Ethereum blockchain is home to the world’s largest NFT marketplaces, which are plagued by slow transaction times and high transaction costs. CODI intends to use the Solana blockchain to build a more efficient and cost-effective NFT marketplace.

As a result, their users will be able to trade NFTs and other digital assets more efficiently. The CODI NFT marketplace aims to help the NFT sector expand and scale by leveraging the power of the Solana blockchain.

More Details On Codi’s Private Sale

The project is in its third week of private sale, and CODI expects to distribute at least 99 million $CODI, or 30% of the total supply of 330,000,000 CODI, during the period leading up to the project’s listing on exchanges. The huge traction gained by the private sale demonstrates that $CODI is most likely a “game-changing” project.

The private sale’s allocated supply is nearly depleted; anyone interested in this “unique” ecosystem should purchase tokens at pre-sale prices before they are depleted.

The private sale is still underway and will conclude on October 31st. The project is offering CODI tokens for $0.02 per token with a four-month vesting period and $0.03 per token without a vesting period in this private sale. To participate in the private sale and obtain tokens, please contact CODI’s sales team at

CODI’s Upcoming IDO And Other Plans

As the private sale nears completion, the IEO for $CODI will take place in November. In this regard, CODI will hold an AMA session on October 23rd to answer community questions about the roadmap and the IEO.

The IDO pre-sale pool demo will be available soon as well. CODI appears to be putting forth every effort and resource to realize the Ecosystem’s Vision.

Anyone who is interested in the CODI Ecosystem and its evolution can go to their newly launched website:

You can also join the community by following them on their social media channels:




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