ChangeTip: Micropayments May Bring Bitcoin to the Tipping Point

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ChangeTip: Micropayments May Bring Bitcoin to the Tipping Point
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NEW YORK (InsideBitcoins) — The killer app for bitcoin may have been unleashed. And it isn’t about massive retail acceptance, conquering PayPal or usurping Apple Pay. It’s all about small change affecting a massive modification in behavior. Micropayment appreciation.

bitcoin tipsChangeTip, a San Francisco-based startup, has been enabling the exchange of tiny amounts of bitcoin on social media since February of this year. Love a post published by a favorite blogger? Buy her coffee ($1.50). Think a YouTube video is beyond awesome? Buy the producer a beer ($3.50). The service allows the no-fee transfer of small-change rewards to the people who produce your favorite content on the web.

How to tip

It’s easy to tip. You just mention ChangeTip, the recipient and a tip amount in a social network post, and the ChangeTip bots, constantly patrolling the web, take care of the rest. The value of your tip is sent from the sender’s wallet account to the receiver’s, at no charge. However, beginning January 15, there will be a 1% withdrawal fee to move your tips out of your ChangeTip account.

Now tipping is even easier

Tipping is becoming viral. On Github, Reddit, Twitter and other social media, the exchange of micromoney is rampant. Until now, ChangeTip has only been available on select social media services but with its new Tip.Me domain service, the digital show of appreciation may be nearing its tipping point.

Here’s how it works: First, you claim a Tip.Me domain, then share that URL on your blog, website or social profile — and you’re set. ChangeTip has even designed website button icons, similar to “Like” buttons that say “Tip Me” for easy web placement.

Social change begins incrementally. Using “spare change” to show appreciation might just be the spark to light bitcoin’s mass adoption fire.

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