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Cardano unveils its NFT marketplace

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Cardano price
Cardano price

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Cardano, a popular proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain platform, has launched its DAO-powered NFT marketplace, Wafini. The protocol announced the development in its Saturday blog post. Cardano aims to make Wafini one of the space’s leading NFT marketplaces.

According to Cardano, the NFT marketplace has commenced the presale of its whitelist for initial adopters. The blockchain protocol added that its marketplace would enhance the speed and throughput of the Cardano network. Wafini also announces unveiling its initial private seed round whitelist of $WFI tokens. 

These tokens run as utility-based Wafini NFT marketplace tokens ($WFI) on the Cardano blockchain. The NFT marketplace plans to amass over 1 million ADA in the next three months. Afterwards, it will be listed on various decentralized exchanges.

Cardano hinted that Wafini would harness the numerous elements enveloped in the Vasil Hard Fork. This will allow Wafini to flourish beyond other marketplaces owned by Cardano. According to the blockchain firm, Wafini will run as a Web 3.0 community-oriented decentralised NFT marketplace for collectibles. It boasted that users will be able to harness it in minting, listing, selling and swapping their NFTs.

Wafini announced plans to avail its early adopters of Genesis VIP NFTs. These tokens will give them access to Wafini DAO. Members of the DAO will be able to participate in every governance decision, including marketplace fees, royalty commissions, and many others.

According to reports, the holders of the Wafini Genesis VIP NFT will enjoy additional perks. These perks include verifying a collection immediately and acquiring rewards from the Wafini self-sustaining treasury pool. According to Wafini, it intends to continuously fill the pool with a percentage from its generated transaction fees.

Wafini to commence private seed sale by October 1

Wafini said any interested individuals should have a minimum of 500 ADA. With this, they will be able to join the Wafini private seed sale whitelist. The Cardano NFT marketplace revealed its plan to commence the private seed sale by October 1 or at a period when at least 1000 whitelist spots have been reserved.

According to Wafini, every participant in the private seed round will be eligible to buy tokens through ADA only. More so, it maintained that those participants would need to ensure they use wallets compatible with Cardano to make the purchase.

The marketplace reiterates its commitment to building a robust and productive NFT marketplace governed by its community. Wafini says it aims “to be the top marketplace on Cardano where users can securely trade NFTs, utilising the low fees of the cardano blockchain.”



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