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Canadian Bitcoin ATM Thieves Damage Deli in Poorly-Executed Operation

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Bitcoin ATM Locations Grow at Rapid Pace Due to Coronavirus
Bitcoin ATM Locations Grow at Rapid Pace Due to Coronavirus

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While they remain one of the most puzzling forms of theft, Bitcoin ATM heists have continued to operate. Individuals have often tried to steal these devices, hoping to get the digital assets they contain. In Canada, a recent Bitcoin ATM heist resulted in the damage of a deli, after two thieves botched their operation and made a mess. 

Not a Happy Thanksgiving for These Men

According to a report from local news sources, two suspects had tried to steal an ATM located at the back of a neighboring deli in the city of Kelowna. The theft occurred in the early hours of October 7, and it appeared to have been poorly planned. 

The police report explained that the two had successfully pried the ATM from its wall encasing. However, they backed their white GMC pick-up truck into L&D Meats and Deli, breaking the establishment’s entire front door. 

Trying to make a quick escape after they had made a mess, the thieves floored the accelerator and fled the scene, leaving their tailgate behind. The robbers also appeared to have left the ATM in their rush to leave the scene. A spokesperson for the police command explained: 

“A preliminary assessment conducted by staff on-site suggests that despite the thousands of dollars in damages caused, nothing appears to have been taken from inside as the suspects were unsuccessful in taking the Bitcoin ATM.”

Don Favell, the store’s owner, decried the theft’s timing, explaining that it was close to the Thanksgiving holiday With his customers expecting their pre-ordered meat, he didn’t have the time to begin making repairs or looking after a damaged store. 

Regardless, he confirmed that his business would be back in operation soon enough, since insurance will cover the damages. As for the burglars, the police have confirmed that they will trace the car using its tailgate.

Robberies Fumbling Bitcoin ATM Operations  

ATM robberies aren’t particularly new. Last year, Castanet reported that an ATM theft occurred in Vernon, Canada, when two men broke into a Simply Delicious Food Market outlet and stole money from a Bitcoin ATM. 

As the report explained, the robbery happened in the early hours of November 19with the robbers able to take $4,000 from the device However, in their rush to flee the scene, they missed a canister with $50,000 in it. Troy Roland, the store’s owner, also claimed that security cameras could catch footage of the men as they conducted the operation. The cameras also captured footage of their vehicle’s license plate as they made their escape. 

The robbers reportedly went straight to the ATM, taking nothing from the store. This leads to the belief that they were professional thieves who knew what they wanted. While the store suffered little loss, Roland confirmed that they would be taking all ATMs out of their premises immediately.

In June 2019, video footage also showed a robbery at The Bitcoin Exchange, a Birmingham, U.K.-based “Bitcoin embassy.” The operation wasn’t successful, with the suspects coming out quickly after they went in. 

Adam Gramowski, the company’s owner, explained to reports that they don’t hold any Bitcoins. So, the robbers were most likely trying to get their hands on some of its cash holdings.

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