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Can BTC20 Overtake Bitcoin And Pepe Coin As the Most Searched Cryptocurrency

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

BTC20 Next Crypto to Explode
BTC20 Next Crypto to Explode

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Google Trends reveal BTC20 searches outnumber those for Pepe Coin and are close to those for Bitcoin. Can it become the most searched cryptocurrency project? The swift achievement of its soft cap suggests substantial investor interest in the idea of the ‘next Bitcoin.’

The BTC20 crypto project aims to replicate the Bitcoin bull run, commencing at a token price of $1 on the Ethereum chain. Its name is derived from a fusion of Bitcoin and ERC20. BTC20’s potential is garnering significant attention and enthusiasm on social media, notably Twitter.

Its association with Bitcoin and distinctive staking system sets it apart, making BTC20 a popular choice in the crypto space, confirmed by the growing social media buzz and expert attention during its presale launch. Even crypto experts predict substantial gains.

BTC20 Presale Achieves Soft Cap in Record Time

The BTC20 has achieved its $3 million soft cap in fundraising and is now aiming to reach the $6 million hard cap with the remaining presale allocation. BTC20, an ERC-20 token running on the Ethereum blockchain, has successfully raised over $5.2 million in just ten days.

Investors are interested in acquiring ‘Bitcoin on Ethereum’ at the original bitcoin’s 2011 price of $1. The fundraising aims to establish the foundation for future research, marketing, and partnerships, expanding the ecosystem.

The rapid sell-out of BTC20’s presale is anticipated, and investors need to act swiftly to secure a $1 position, as less than half of the presale supply remains. Additionally, other appealing factors, such as the high potential yield, make BTC20 a strong option for those seeking substantial returns and the chance to benefit from the Bitcoin halving bull cycle.

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Google Trends Search Favors BTC20 Over Pepe Coin

Over the past week, the search popularity of BTC20 and Pepe Coin has been fiercely contested on a global scale. Notably, during the morning crypto trading session in Germany, BTC20 has consistently outperformed Pepe Coin, as indicated in the chart below based on recent research.

BTC20 Overtake Bitcoin and Pepe Coin As The Most Searched Crypto

This trend of BTC20 surpassing Pepe Coin in Germany’s early trading session has become increasingly prominent, mirroring the growing interest in BTC20. Even when analyzing the data for the previous seven days, BTC20 consistently prevails over Pepe Coin in the German searches.

Given this pattern in Germany, it is highly likely that similar findings would emerge when examining trading sessions in other regions around the world. As BTC20 continues to garner attention and gain momentum, its position as the most searched cryptocurrency is reinforced, further fueling investor interest in the project.

BTC20 Stake-to-Earn Mechanism

BTC20, an eco-friendly ERC-20 version of Bitcoin on Ethereum, is developing a stake-to-earn mechanism that could create a supply shock and boost its value. With BTC20’s utilization of the proof-of-stake (PoS) approach, token holders have the opportunity to stake their BTC20 tokens and receive rewards proportional to their staked amount.

Crucially, BTC20 incorporates a unique mechanism that compensates stakers in alignment with the block release schedule of the original Bitcoin network. Stakers will receive a specific quantity of BTC20 tokens following each block confirmation, ensuring a continuous flow of tokenized incentives.

The team will lock in a significant amount of BTC20 tokens for the community in the staking contract after the presale. The stake-to-earn system promotes community-driven projects, and investors can benefit from both BTC20 incentives and its rising value by staking their tokens.

Undoubtedly, offering generous rewards would incentivize more investors to stake their BTC20 tokens, leading to a larger staking pool and potentially lowering the staking yield. However, the allure of a strong BTC20 return should serve as a compelling incentive for investors to hold onto the coin, thereby reducing the chances of a significant price collapse.

BTC20 Advantages Compared to Bitcoin

BTC20 offers stakers significantly higher yields compared to traditional bitcoin mining, and it’s much simpler to earn a yield from BTC20 than from bitcoin. Unlike Bitcoin, which is a non-yielding asset unless utilized in yield farming or lent out by a virtual asset service provider, staking BTC20 only requires depositing tokens into the project’s staking smart contract.

Aside from its passive income potential, BTC20 has other advantages over bitcoin. Firstly, it is an environmentally friendly variation of bitcoin. In contrast, being built on the Ethereum blockchain, which switched to a proof-of-stake consensus method, BTC20 consumes significantly less energy, making it an eco-friendly choice that may appeal to investors.

Secondly, BTC20 has easy access to Ethereum’s well-established decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem since it operates on the Ethereum blockchain, which supports smart contracts. Unlike bitcoin, which lacks a significant DeFi ecosystem, BTC20 investors can benefit from various DeFi services, such as using their tokens as collateral for loans on platforms.

Additionally, a liquid staking market for staked BTC20 tokens that provide yield may emerge, granting BTC20 owners greater flexibility. In summary, BTC20 stands out with its higher yields and ease of staking, as well as its eco-friendly crypto and access to Ethereum’s thriving DeFi ecosystem, making it an attractive choice for investors seeking more opportunities and versatility.

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