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“BTC20 Surpasses $2 Million in Presale as the Next Exciting ‘Bitcoin on Ethereum’ Token – Discover Why It Outperforms BTC”

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

BTC20 Energy Efficient Crypto
BTC20 Energy Efficient Crypto

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Investors are rushing in to secure their spot in one of 2023’s hottest crypto presales.

An exciting new token called BTC20 has raised $2 million in just over a week and is creating huge buzz on social media.

BTC20 markets itself as a newer, better version of bitcoin that exists as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain and as a chance to get in on bitcoin back when it was worth just $1 back in 2011.

At its current price of around $29,250, bitcoin is up 29250x versus its price in 2011.

BTC20 tokens are available in presale for $1 each, and investors need to move quickly if they don’t want to miss out because the project could hit its soft cap presale target of $3 million in a matter of days.

A big reason why investors are rushing to bag their BTC20 tokens could be because crypto offers an exciting passive income opportunity.

BTC20’s issuance schedule is set to mimic bitcoin’s since 2011, but rather than rewarding “miners” (as bitcoin does), these newly issued tokens will be given to BTC20 owners who stake their tokens.

Given the fast pace of BTC issuance back in 2011, yields for BTC20 stakers could be in the region of 65% APY.

This should strongly incentivize BTC20 token HODLing, reducing the chance of a big price dump.

Unsurprisingly, BTC20 is catching the crypto community’s attention.

The project has already been featured in major crypto news outlets like Beincrypto, Cointelegraph, Coingape, Cision, Cryptonews and more.

YouTubers are also taking note.

Michael Wrubel, who has over 300,000 subscribers, has referred to BTC20 as the “next bitcoin”.

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Discover the Reasons Why BTC20 Outperforms Bitcoin

Its much easier to generate a yield from BTC20 than it is in actual bitcoin.

If you want to get involved in bitcoin mining, you need to buy an expensive rig and probably need to pay some far-away centralized bitcoin mining service provider to set everything up and maintain it for you.

To generate a yield from BTC20, all you need to do is stake your tokens.

Given BTC20 winds the clock back to 2011 when the bitcoin issuance rate was much higher, yields on offer are significantly higher as well.

But BTC20’s amazing passive income opportunity isn’t the only reason why BTC20 is superior to bitcoin.

Here are a further two reasons.

Introducing BTC20: The Environmentally Friendly Bitcoin Alternative

The Bitcoin network is notorious for its massive energy consumption and the associated negative impact this has on the environment via high CO2 emissions.

Any token that lives on the Ethereum blockchain (like BTC20) is much more energy efficient than bitcoin in the wake of Ethereum’s switch to a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism last year.

The switch reduced Ethereum’s energy consumption by around 99.95%.

BTC20 can thus be touted as an eco-friendly version of bitcoin, and this could help its appeal to environmentally-conscious investors in the future.

Explore the DeFi World with BTC20

Given it is built on the smart-contact-enabled Ethereum blockchain, BTC20 has immediate access to Ethereum’s already highly developed decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem.

Bitcoin, as a reminder, does not house any notable DeFi ecosystem, given its blockchain is much more simplistic.

BTC20 investors may be able to do things in the future, like use their tokens as collateral to take out loans on decentralized applications such as Aave or Compound.

All said this gives BTC20 owners a lot more flexibility.

Discover How to Earn High APYs with BTC20

Bitcoin miners are rewarded with 6.25 BTC for each block mined. BTC20 is keeping the rewards ethos but doing things slightly differently. 

BTC20 will reward stakers, depending on the proportion of the staking pool they own and the block production rate of the original bitcoin chain since 2011. 

This means that the number of holders staking has no bearing on the size of the token unlock. Here is an example. 

Assuming the following:

  • User stakes for 1 year
  • Rewards are at their current levels (6.25 BTC20 per block)
  • Around 50,000 blocks are ‘mined’ per year
  • User stakes 5,000 BTC20
  • The total staking pool is 500,000 BTC20

In example 2, the holder would have 1% of the pool so would accrue rewards of 3285 BTC20 over 12 months, which equates to an annual percentage yield (APY) of 65.7% – see screenshot below:

Could Issuance Reward Halvings Propel BTC20 to Enormous Upside?

Over the years, the bitcoin price has been massively influenced by so called “halving” events.

This is where the bitcoin issuance rate per block is cut in half roughly every four years.

Typically, right after a halving event, bitcoin goes on to post a massive exponential rally.

With the 2024 halving coming up, bitcoin could soon blast into the $100,000s for the first time.

BTC20 may also benefit from similar halving-related tailwinds over the coming years.

In the meantime, the hype surrounding the project’s promising future will likely be the more important tailwind.

The likes of Clinix Crypto,’s inhouse analyst Ari and Jacob Crypto Bury are all touting 10x potential for BTC20 when it launches on DEXs later this year.

To buy BTC20, head over to the website and pay in Ethereum or USDT by simply connecting your crypto wallet.

Buy BTC20 Here

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