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Calvaria: The Play-to-Earn Crypto Game That’s Set to Disrupt the Gaming Industry – Join the Future Here

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Calvaria - The Play-to-Earn Crypto Game
Calvaria - The Play-to-Earn Crypto Game

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Calvaria, one of the best P2E projects to launch last year, has started its token generation event. Early movers can now go to the official website and claim their tokens.

Calvaria is a Play-to-Earn project that has created an ecosystem to entice non-crypto gamers. It has done so to increase the relevance of crypto games.

The project’s presale started last year and was closed ahead of time when it raised more than $4.79 million before its deadline.

With the Token Generation Event started, Calvaria has also revealed the first exchanges to list RIA tokens.

Calvaria – Making Big Moves to Change the Crypto Gaming Industry

Crypto gaming has always had a love-hate relationship with traditional gamers – and for a good reason. Games like Axie Infinity made it very certain when they arrived that they would cater to a particular niche. The result – it received an influx of gamers belonging to the crypto space.

However, non-crypto gamers, the actual “gamers” who engage with electronic forms of entertainment for fun, did not find the inspiration to join up. They mostly chalk crypto games to being nothing more than “fancy earning mechanics” or just another to “monetize” gaming – and that’s saying something since standard gamers have gotten tired of microtransactions. They only seek fun games to play.

Calvaria has therefore done something truly unique. Unlike similar games like Gods Unchained and Splinterlands, Calvaria has created two modes.

Free-to-Play Mode

Calvaria understands that it is the fun factor and the gameplay that entices non-crypto gamers. Therefore, it has introduced a Free-to-Play mode for players. It can be accessed through anything from desktops and laptops to tabs and mobile devices. It features the same gameplay mechanics as the P2E mode.

The two differences with this mode are:

  1. There are no earning mechanics.
  2. There is no multiplayer mode.

Players are free to play the game in this mode, upgrade their cards, put them to battle against the computer, and win matches. The goal here is to create a game that is more like a demo than anything else. It gives the first taste of the gameplay to non-crypto gamers. And if they like it, they can hop into the other mode.

Play-to-Earn Mode

The second mode is the play-to-earn mode that, as the name says, allows players to engage with the underlying P2E mechanics of the ecosystem. This mode will allow players to have legal ownership of the cards they have purchased and can interact with other blockchain mechanics of the ecosystem, be it staking, DAO, in-game marketplace, and scholarship system.

The card-based gameplay of Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is not so different from Hearthstone or Gwent. The only difference here is the earning mechanic only adds to the gameplay of the system and doesn’t detract from it.

Calvaria Became the First Presale Success of 2023

Calvia was introduced as a presale in Q3-2022 at a time when the crypto market was on the verge of recovering. But when the FTX-led crash pushed the value of the crypto maker to a sub-trillion level, people thought that presale cryptos would be at risk.

But Calvaria managed to take those uncertainties and started its seven-staged presale with a bang. The project used the intensely dark background story that reminds us of Warhammer 40k to create a positive ecosystem around it. And the declaration of the F2P mode (free-to-play) mode also helped.

As a result, what started as a seven-staged presale project ended with $4.79 million raised in record time.

Delaying the Token Generation Event – A Move to Tackle Liquidity Issues

Despite a great storyline, great fundamentals, and great gameplay, things weren’t always linear for Calvaria’s growth. The fall of the FTX exchange and multiple other instances of people losing money in the crypto space caused Calvaria developers to rethink their stance on starting the Token Generation Event.

The original plan was to let users claim their tokens exactly when the presale concludes. This is a common move that most presale projects take. However, it was then that liquidity risks dawned on developers. Last year’s presale projects have seen a rapid rise and rapid fall after the conclusion of the presale due to liquidity risks.

So, in a bid to keep the hype around the project going and to ensure that early movers are able to get the most out of their investments, Calvaria delayed the Token Generation Event for some time.

The original plan was to delay it till 1st March 2023. But the enthusiasm of the crowd is still high about this project, which prompted devs to launch the TGE ahead of time on February 26th, 2023 – today.

Early movers can go to the official website – – today and claim their tokens.

Calvaria is Now Listed on Uniswap, LBank and BKEX

With the presale concluded, Calvaria has now gone live on LBank, BKEX, and Uniswap. And the token has behaved similarly to other presale cryptos – a massive pump followed by a small correction. The pump pushed the price of RIA tokens to $0.064 – which allowed stage 1 investors to make 6x gains.

For those who want to invest in Calvaria through DEX, the RIA token is available on Uniswap.

How High can Calvaria go in 2023?

Calvaria has entered the cryptocurrency exchanges with a bang, and while there has been a little retrace, the tokens’ true potential is unlocking slowly.

Calvaria Gameplay

The project devs have already started updating the community through their recent post, and the team has started working on bringing this game to life. Also, the post states that many top exchanges have already lined up to list RIA tokens. As the token lists on more exchanges, more traders will be interested, which would increase the push to maintain the liquidity. The direct result of that would be higher gains for RIA tokens this year.

Claim Your Tokens Now on

Here are the steps to claim the tokens

  1. Go to the official website
  2. Click on the “claim” button.
  3. Connect your wallet that you previously connected to buy Calvaria tokens.
  4. Claim your tokens.

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