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Brooklyn Nets Star Announces Endorsement Deal with Tron

Brooklyn Nets Star Announces Endorsement Deal with Tron
Brooklyn Nets Star Announces Endorsement Deal with Tron

Tron is one of the leading projects in the crypto industry, and it has been making the headlines for all the right reasons over the last few weeks.

The firm and its founder Justin Sun, have made several endorsement deals and partnerships that have created positivity around Tron’s brand.

Collaboration with NBA players

Spencer Dinwiddie, an NBA star with the Brooklyn Nets, announced that he has entered into a partnership with the Tron foundation and Justin Sun.

Through this endorsement deal, Dinwiddie will run charity auctions for his game-worn shoes. Dinwiddie says that the endorsement deal will see the Tron foundation provide him with 8.2 BTC, which is about $66,000 at the current market rate.

It translates to 0.1 BTC per NBA game during the regular season. The endorsement deal will start running during the 2019/2020 season.

During the announcement, Dinwiddie said that he is pledging the full amount of 8.2 BTC to charity.

The NBA star added that the donation to charity is meant to assist him and his partners in their mission to help the youth.

While several athletes have come out and shown interest in cryptocurrency, Dinwiddie’s deal makes him a leader in the adoption of digital assets in the sporting world.

Dinwiddie crypto contract

The announcement of the endorsement deal with the Tron foundation comes a few weeks after Dinwiddie announced that he would be converting 40% of his contract with the Brooklyn Nets into a digital asset.

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The asset has been dubbed the $SD8 in reference to the player’s name and his jersey number.

This digital asset will allow the player to make investments because it will provide him with a part lump sum of the money he will earn from his current NBA contract.

A platform for other NBA stars to tokenize contracts

As part of his endeavor to tokenize part of his NBA contract, Dinwiddie is planning to launch a platform to help other NBA stars to convert their contracts.

The processes towards the tokenization of one’s contract, and by extension, their career, maybe complicated and many view it as the player making a bet on their career.

The sporting industry is huge, and crypto adoption in it will mark an essential step in the overall mass adoption of the asset class.

Tron’s dealing with popular names and brands

Dinwiddie becomes the latest celebrity figure to get into some deal with Tron and Justin Sun.

The firm’s founder successfully acquired BitTorrent, a crypto project that many industry leaders were chasing after. Sun is also due to host a lunch with Warren Buffet and several leaders in the crypto industry.

If the company makes headway into the NBA, it will place Tron in a position to go to the top of the food chain.

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