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Brave’s BAT Token Now Supported By The Splinterlands Crypto Game


Brave, the crypto-friendly and privacy-focused web browser, has announced today that it has made a new partnership. This partnership is with none other than Splinterlands, a competitive card game based on blockchain technologies. These two parties will now collaborate on both integrations and marketing initiatives across both of their respective products.

A Mutually Beneficial Agreement

As part of the partnership, Brave will become the official Splinterlands web browser, with both developers making plans to develop content explicitly showing the benefits of the browser, recommending the players playing it should make use of Brave to play the web-based game.

Brave, in turn, will start to advertise Splinterlands on its platform, but only to the users that have opted in to seeing ads on the browser. Alongside this, the built-in digital wallet of the browser can also be leveraged to purchase credits on Splinterlands, as well.

Alongside this, Splinterlands itself will integrate the Basic Attention Token (BAT), Brave’s flagship crypto. These coins are awarded to users that agree to view advertisements from Brave while browsing the internet. SPlinterlands players will now be capable of purchasing game credits with any earned BAT. These credits can then be spent on purchasing cards from players in the marketplace, or buying booster packs.

Seeing Massive Growth

Boasting over 19 million monthly active users, it seems that Brave has seen significant growth throughout 2020. Back in June of 2020, the company revealed that 15 million monthly active users were recorded. This stood as a significant increase over the 10 million that was reported in December of 2019.

A Bit Of Details

The man “schtick” of Brave is its automatic blocking of tracking and advertisements. From there, users can opt into ads from Brave itself in exchange for BAT. 2020 has been an extremely productive year for the browser, and has inked partnerships with major businesses, such as Binance and Gemini. Even Joe Rogan, the famous, and infamous, podcast star, stands as one of its users. The Google Play Store had even ranked Brave’s android version as the top-rated web browser on its platform.

Splinterlands, in turn, stands as one of the few collectible card games based on blockchain that are of note. The premise of it is based on Magic: The Gathering, and Hearthstone, physical and digital hits alike. Standing alongside its competitors in the space, SkyWeaver and Gods Unchained, the digital cards of Splinterlands stand as non-fungible tokens, holding provable scarcity. As such, it can be sold and traded to other users.

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