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Blocklisting of addresses of Tornado Cash continues for Circle

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According to cryptocurrency data aggregation site Dune Analytics, Circle, the creditor of the infamous USD Coin virtual currency, froze more than 75,000 USDC in investments connected to 44 Tornado Cash domain names sanctioned by none other than the US Office of Foreign Assets Control’s Blocked Persons record yesterday. Tornado Cash also seems to be a blockchain-based application (DApp) that hides the history of prior digital currency exchanges on Ethereum’s blockchain.

Peacefully coexisting with the electronic money mixer’s Ethereum and USDC smart contract identifiers mostly on SDN catalog is explicitly banned for all US individuals and companies. Punishments for intentional failure to comply can vary from $50,000 to even $10,000,000 in penalty fees and 10 to even 30 years in jail. Tornado Cash’s cryptographic protocol identifiers currently hold approximately $437 million in resources, including altcoins, Ethereum, or encased Bitcoin (WBTC). Consequently, financial institutions are anticipated to take measures to avoid such assets from being traded or redeemed.

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OFAC successfully excluded US citizens from the use of Tornado Cash inside a Monday official statement, adding Ether and 44 USD Coin addresses linked to the mixing board to its record of Specifically Designated Nationals. According to the unit, people and organizations have employed the mixer to defraud well over $7 billion in cryptocurrency from 2019, along with the $455 million snatched mostly by North Korean-linked Lazarus Organization. The procedure had been at the heart of recent distributed financial services, hacker attacks, and misuses, along with a $375 million threat on Wormhole back in February and just a $100 million bypass on Horizon Bridge back in June.

How does the freezing proceed?

Tether and USDC could stop stablecoin transactions from and to Tornado Cash at the Blockchain-based smart contract stage. In the meantime, BitGo, located in Palo Alto in California, could theoretically have to constrain Tornado Cash entry to abide by such punitive measures. One option is to halt the restitution of Tornado’s Cash-linked WBTC.

According to the completely anonymous DeFi instructor BowTiedIguana, the new Tornado Cash punitive measures extend to all US companies and individuals. Any connections like Gitcoin’s charitable contributions, special projects, trying to run or access its operating systems, visiting its webpage, and withdrawing or depositing from blockchain networks could all be offenses.

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