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Blockchain Research Institute Establishes European Think Tank

USDA Proposing Use of Blockchain For Organic Product Supply Chain
USDA Proposing Use of Blockchain For Organic Product Supply Chain

The Blockchain Research Institute, the self-described “world’s largest independent blockchain think-tank,” alongside Blockwall, a “leading blockchain investment firm,” have announced what they call the Blockchain Research Institute Europe, according to a press release from the groups.

Essentially, the Institute will be the top European think tank, the release continues. It should bring together top blockchain researchers and experts into one space to push the industry forward, the release continues.

Speaking on the matter is Dale Chrystie, a blockchain strategist at FedEx, who said:

“Blockchain is a team sport, and we need global cross-industry solutions to address the challenges and seize the opportunities in business today. As a global business, FedEx is pleased to see the Blockchain Research Institute launch BRI Europe to further strengthen and expand its impact globally.”

On top of this, the group will establish a leadership council that will help lead the direction of said research, the release also notes.

Peter Zemsky, the Deputy Dean at INSEAD Business School shared some thoughts as well, stating:

“The Blockchain Research Institute has been a key strategic partner for INSEAD in strengthening and growing our online learning offerings. With the launch of BRI Europe, we look forward to further expanding our impactful collaboration in this key market and beyond.”

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