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Blockchain Comics Integrates Immutable X To Launch New Comic NFTs

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Blockchain Comics has announced plans to launch its first interactive comic book series-themed non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Blockchain Comic anticipates utilizing its NFTs to empower holders to become publishers of their unique editions.

In a July 11 press release, Blockchain Comics confirmed plans to launch new comic book-themed digital collectibles dubbed “Satoshi Master of Disguise” NFTs. Blockchain Comics has partnered with Immutable X to launch new NFTs.

The highly anticipated SMoD NFTs will feature 10,000 digital collections, randomly selected from 6 layers of 185 possible traits in the comic book series. These NFTs aims to empower SMoD holder to become publishers of their unique comic editions.

While commenting about the NFT project, Paul Paul, the Co-founder of Blockchain Comics, said that rapidly evolving blockchain tech turns comic books much more than digital images:

“We started with the idea of creating a comic book on the blockchain, which could be a parody of the invention of blockchain technology. We soon realized that to do this justice, we would need to innovate technology to create a distribution system that could only exist in the NFT space.”

Satoshi Master of Disguise Explained

Satoshi Masters of Disguise is the first NFT comic series, where the story will change based on the feature of the NFTs. Blockchain Comics will leverage Immutable X (IMX) to create 10,000 avatars. These avatars will generate their unique comic series.

The new integration will place the distribution, publishing, and minting rights into the hands of each SMoD holder. This concept will empower the community to take ownership of comic series both physically and digitally.

In the Blockchain Comic, Satoshi portrays a hero boy attempting to escape the grasp of the centralized authorities. More characters are concealed in the shadows of the comic gameplay, waiting for an opportunity to attack Satoshi for coming up with this idea.

SMoD NFTs Utility

SMoD NFTs will allow holders to publish and monetize their comic editions. In this case, holders mint, print, and distribute copies of their unique comics as physical and NFTs.

Moreover, SMoD NFTs will serve as governance tokens, giving holders the right to vote for the future of the NFT project. These NFTs will also give holders the voice to determine to future of decentralized publishing. According to Paul, this is the first concept in the NFTs space.

In the meantime, Blockchain Comics has already attracted notable adoption on its Discord channel. The highly anticipated SMoD NFTs will officially drop on Thursday, July 14, 2022.


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