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Blockchain Based TikTok Competitor Receives Investment From Alpha Sigma Capital

Hyprr, a social media application on the blockchain, is looking to challenge TikTok by offering more monetization options on top of control for its creators, a press release notes. It has just received an investment from Alpha Sigma Capital

It’s a platform that inspires influencers to build content with “easy-to-use paywall features” that are then supported through advertising. These users will generate income through getting likes or shares on their content, as well as the native advertising.

From there, users can turn their tokens into their local fiat and withdraw it via a debit card, among other things. These wallets are secure via a platform called Fireblocks, a “multibillion-dollar crypto custody and transfer application for both institutional and retail clients,” the release states.

Speaking on the matter is Enzo Villani, the CEO of Alpha Sigma Capital, who said:

“Currently, many talented content creators and influencers on Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok are fighting to stay alive as these organizations squeeze creators on their revenue-share. Hyprr solves those problems, by creating a digital assets monetization system that can leverage efficiencies of blockchain, therefore, allowing more creators to continue to generate income without the harsh thresholds used by these other services.”

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