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BlackBerry, Intel Partner to Fight CryptoJacking Methods

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Intel Chipset
Intel Chipset

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Mobile phone company BlackBerry has partnered with the Intel chip developer to release software that will fight cryptocurrency jacking, according to a press release from both groups.

Essentially, Intel-based PCs will have cryptojacking and cryptomining theft detection built-in. The groups will be using the BlackBerry Optics Context Analysis Engine (CAE) paired some unique technology from the Intel Threat Detection Technology to provide this detection, the release notes.

“BlackBerry has collaborated with Intel on technology that effectively stops cryptojacking,” the release notes. “With virtually no processor impact and easy configuration, organizations can detect and mitigate cryptojacking with greater precision and consistent results across all types of workloads executing on Windows® 10 operating systems.”

As you may know, cryptojacking is when malware is installed on a computer that will mine cryptocurrency without the user being aware. This is especially why bad actors target big corporations for this, as they have vast amounts of computer power to take over.

Speaking on the matter is the Vice President of Research & Intelligence, who had said:

“Given the cost associated with mining cryptocurrency and the payments of ransomware demands on the decline, cryptojacking becomes an attractive option for threat actors to generate revenue. With our new cryptojacking detection and response capabilities, we’re looking to make this practice a thing of the past, providing enterprises and their employees with a turn-key solution that will enable them to thwart cryptojacking attempts and ensure their software and hardware are used for their intended purposes. The days of exploiting unsuspecting users for free CPU time are over.”

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