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Black Manta, Finoa Team Up for Institutional Level Security Tokens

Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne Predicts That Security Tokens Is the Next Big Thing
Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne Predicts That Security Tokens Is the Next Big Thing

Black Manta Capital Partners is teaming up with Finoa, “the world’s first fully digital (warm-storage) custody and asset-servicing solution built on a crypto-native banking infrastructure” to build custody for security tokens at an institutional level.

According to CoinTelegraph, this partnership is meant to push institutional investors into security tokens. This, of course, includes corporations or millionaires, for instance, who have money to put into the market.

Speaking on the matter is Christian Platzer, the co-founder and managing partner or Black Manta:

“Germany’s crypto custody legislation triggered a wide range of service providers in the digital assets space to apply for a BaFin licence. The German legislation was a crucial step to bring the confidence and liquidity of professional players to the space. In Finoa we see a team that is not only well positioned to cater to the high end investor class, but who bring also a mindset to the table that will be needed to develop this rapidly emerging market.”

Recently, the CEO of Overstock predicted that security tokens would be “the next big thing,” as InsideBitcoins has previously reported on. According to him, Patrick Byrne, security tokens are the thing the industry has been waiting for to have a big break out.

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