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Bitpanda Pro Pushing For Crypto-To-Fiat and Regulatory Compliance

Bitpanda Pro Pushing For Crypto-To-Fiat and Regulatory Compliance1
Bitpanda Pro Pushing For Crypto-To-Fiat and Regulatory Compliance1

Bitpanda stands as heavyweight crypto firms in the European arena and is starting to reposition its professional offering to try and stay up to date.

The Bitpanda Global Exchange has been renamed to Bitpanda Pro and will complement the beginner-friendly brokerage service that Bitpanda offers as well. Bitpanda Pro will primarily focus on the crypto-to-fiat markets, with European currencies in particular.

This comes in a bid to onboard both Business-To-Business (B2B) and Business To Consumer (B2C) clients at the same time. For now, Users can now buy Ripple, Ether, and Bitcoin against the Swiss Franc, but Bitpanda Pro is planning on growing.

Serving As Regulatory Role Model

The strategy shift comes primarily from the fact that Bitpanda stands as the role model when it comes to compliance and regulation. Bitpanda leverages this to enter a new global market, catering to the individual needs of local countries.

Paul Klanschek, the Co-CEO and founder of Bitpanda, gave a public statement about the matter. He explained that Bitpanda’s goal is to stand as the best within the crypto-to-fiat exchange sector of every relevant European market. He cited the clear focus on European currencies, their strong product, as well as their close relationship with various regulators to be their edge. According to Klanschek, this will put the company in a position that makes them uniquely capable of attracting the right clients and users.

Bitpanda Pro Pushing For Crypto-To-Fiat and Regulatory Compliance

Plans For Highest Usage

Part of this new strategy is the consistent additions of more crypto-to-fiat trading pairs to increase security, trustworthiness, and convenience. This service will be dedicated to businesses, institutions, and professionals that wish to onboard or cash out their various forms of crypto. As it stands now, only three crypto-to-fiat trading pairs exist within the exchange, all of which are connected to the Swiss Franc, or CHF.

Bitpanda stands today with over 1.2 million users and more than 180 members within its team. The company holds the license to serve as a PSD2 payment service provider while offering a streamlined user experience and security measures that are state-of-the-art. Bitpanda stands as a trading platform that’s popular with both experts and newbies alike, and the company is a staunch believer of crypto’s power of innovation.

To make sure their product gains the popularity it needs to blast off, there’s a 50% off offer on all trading fees for users of Bitpanda Pro, just for March of 2020.

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