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Bitcoin Tops Social Media Mentions in FinTech and Payments 

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Bitcoin Tops Social Media Mentions in FinTech and Payments 
Bitcoin Tops Social Media Mentions in FinTech and Payments 

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Bitcoin is still the most popular digital asset by a significant mile, and according to reports, mentions of the asset were the most frequent in 2019 when it came to financial technology and payment across social media. 

Citing an analysis of social media activity by GlobeData, news source Bitcoinist reported earlier this week that Bitcoin received a total of 957 mentions across social media in December 2019. To no one’s surprise, Ether came in second with 158 mentions- a far distance from the premier cryptocurrency. 

The report explained that tweets and mentions on Bitcoin were most related to price predictions and current movements, mostly fuelled by the coin’s resurgence in value across the year- a year that saw it appreciate by about 92 percent. The lead it has over other top assets in terms of popularity isn’t particularly surprising; Bitcoin was the first digital asset, and it remains by far the most valuable today as well. It has been able to ride on the power of incumbency all these years, and other assets have 

Bitcoin was also crowned last year as the best-performing investment asset of the year. In an analysis of the entire assets across the United States, CoinDesk explained that Bitcoin- and the crypto market at large- bounced back from a difficult year in 2018, and performed better than other asset classes in the year- including bonds, commodities, and equities. 

Most Valuable Asset

Quoting Digital Assets Data co-founder and president Ryan Alfred, the news source explained that large-cap cryptocurrencies (including and especially Bitcoin) provided more significant gains than traditional asset classes, despite a torrid 2018 and a rather rocky start to 2019 as well. 

 “Cryptocurrency” was also found to be a fairly popular term by Bitcoinist, as it reportedly got a total of 809 mentions. Most tweets highlighted the fact that a lot of digital assets now have heightened security measures to protect investors and their funds, especially since exchanges such as ShapeShift and Coinbase provided new features that allowed users to make safer crypto transactions. 

Apart from that, cryptocurrencies have made significant progress in establishing themselves as a stable investment class. Institutional interest in digital assets has been on the rise, and as we enter what many believe will be a watershed year for the space, things could only get better. 

Although the trend was rather revealing, it’s not expected that any of these metrics will change going into 2020. All signs point to Bitcoin continuing its march as the most valuable digital asset in the crypto space, and it could even get more popular, as the vast majority of analysts expect that it will see significant gains this year- thanks to the upcoming halving and firmer establishment as an investment vehicle.

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