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Bitcoin SV Speculation: BSV Braces for $35 Milestone

Bitcoin SV (BSV)
Bitcoin SV (BSV)

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Bitcoin SV (BSV) is moving upward inside a descending trading channel following a sudden rally. 

As of 7:54 a.m. EST, Bitcoin SV (BSV) is trading at $31.19, representing a 24-hour change of 2%.

This retracement comes on the heels of a 10% surge on August 29, during which BSV managed to reclaim crucial ground.

BSV Rebounds on Support Level

BSV/USD Chart Analysis. Source:
BSVUSD Chart Analysis. Source:

The BSVUSD cryptocurrency has recently experienced a decline characterized by a tug-of-war between bullish and bearish forces. 

Nonetheless, the price found stability around the $23.6 mark, where bullish investors rallied, leading to a price increase and allowing many investors to recover previous losses.

However, at the resistance level of $55.12, the bears gained control again, pushing the price back to around $29. Interestingly, this $29 support level has proven resilient, inspiring the bulls to regroup and attempt to regain control, as evident from the chart.

For a sustainable uptrend, the bulls must surpass the barriers posed by the 50-day and 200-day moving averages, which currently sit above the price and act as resistance levels. A bullish trend would be confirmed if the price successfully breaks above these moving averages and the descending triangle 

Conversely, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) experienced a dip, reaching a low of 37 before rebounding and trending upward, currently standing at 49, close to the neutral position of 50. 

This suggests growing buying pressure, potentially pushing the RSI into overbought territory above 70.

BSV’s price has shown resilience around the support level, with the potential for a price surge if it manages to breach the moving average barriers. Key resistance levels to watch for are $36 and $41.

However, if the moving averages continue to act resiliently, supported by the descending triangle, BSV’s price may decline to the $29 support level. A further breach of this level could lead to a test of the $23 support level.

Wall Street Memes (WSM) is nearing the end of its presale offering, allowing investors to participate and potentially earn attractive returns.

Wall Street Memes Nears Conclusion, Tier 1 Exchange List Next

The Wall Street Memes token awaits listing on tier-1 exchanges, as this is expected to attract new investors and drive up demand for the token. 

There is still an opportunity for investors to purchase WSM at its current price of $0.0337 as the presale concludes in 13 days.

Analysts are optimistic about the future price movement of WSM due to its solid fundamentals and positive news. It is anticipated that the price will experience rapid growth once it officially debuts on these prominent exchanges.

The WSM project has already achieved significant success by raising over $25 million in its presale, demonstrating strong support from the cryptocurrency community. 

Approximately 1.4 to 1.5 billion WSM tokens will be circulated following the presale.

WSM Staking Option

Investors also have the option to stake their Wall Street Memes tokens, with 319 million tokens currently being staked, offering an attractive annual percentage yield (APY) of 63%. 

This staking option has garnered considerable interest and bodes well for the project’s future.

Regarding resource allocation, the project has a strategic plan in place, with 50% allocated to marketing, 30% to community rewards, and 20% dedicated to liquidity and media streaming initiatives on centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Wall Street Memes has significantly invested in marketing efforts, leveraging influential YouTubers to promote the project and generating excitement and anticipation among potential investors.

The project sets ambitious goals, aiming for a $1 billion market capitalization before listing on a tier-1 exchange. 

Their roadmap outlines the steps they intend to take to achieve these objectives, making it an appealing choice for investors.

To add an extra layer of excitement, Wall Street Memes hosts an airdrop where participants can win $10,000. 

Participation is straightforward; individuals must follow Wall Street Memes on social media and visit their website. Accumulating more entries increases one’s chances of winning.

The project is designed to foster long-term engagement and minimize the risk of sudden price fluctuations during the launch phase. 

Participating in the presale is easy. The WSM tokens can be acquired using Ethereum, USDT, a credit card, or BNB. To purchase WSM tokens, you only need a popular crypto wallet like Metamask linked to the WSM token website.

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