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Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction: Will BTC Surge or Plunge by 15% Next Month?

Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC Records 2% Growth – Is Another Bull Run Underway?
Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC Records 2% Growth – Is Another Bull Run Underway?

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Following its explosion at the end of last week, Bitcoins’ price seemingly returned to trading flat on Friday afternoon. Less than 24 hours earlier, the coin skyrocketed from $25,627 to $26,400, making several attempts to breach this resistance.

Unfortunately, that did not happen, and around mid-Friday, the price crashed back down, hitting the bottom at $25.7k, still higher than where it used to be.

Over the weekend, the price stuck close to a resistance at $25.8k, mostly below it, with a few short-term breaches that led it above this level. However, on Sunday afternoon, the price started to fall again, sinking toward $25.7k.

The fluctuations started growing, proving that Bitcoin doesn’t sit still for too long. The changes continued on Monday, September 11, although at the time of writing, BTC finds itself near the support, currently at $25,687.

Looking toward the coin’s future, the opinions vary, as always. Many believe this is the time to accumulate while looking for the right shoulder of the head and shoulders pattern.

Even so, lows are expected to return in Q4 2023, followed by a breakout in Q1 2025 and a start of the proper bull run sometime after the halving.

Chart 1 Bitcoin Sep 11

Other predictions confirm this, pointing out bearish candles and the triangle, which is expected to lead to a fake decline, followed by a rapid surge in price.

Chart 2 Bitcoin Sep 11

Bitcoin user pays half a million for a single transaction

Bitcoin has been making headlines over the last few days for some reasons. One story revealed that one of the coin’s users paid half a million dollars in fees for a single transaction.

Typically, Bitcoin users brag about paying under a dollar to transfer millions, not vice versa. However, according to Whale Alert, someone spent a transaction fee of 19.82 BTC ($509,563) to send 0.07 BTC.

So far, the leading theory is that this was a mistake, a misconfiguration in transaction software, or potentially a message. However, with no one stepping up to explain what happened, it is impossible to know.

James Howells is back with legal action against the city council

Speaking of lost BTC, one of the best-known stories comes from a former IT professional, James Howells. In 2013, Howells lost a hard drive containing 7,500 BTC, ending in a landfill.

Howell requested the right to excavate the landfill to find the hard drive, but the Newport City Council denied it. Now, a 38-year-old is preparing for a legal battle, and his legal team has set a deadline of September 18 for the council to grant the rights or face the lawsuit.

Bitcoin BSC presale hits its first million.

Mere days after being announced, the Bitcoin BSC (BTCBSC) presale reached its first $1 million raised. The project brought Bitcoin to BSC and offers a Bitcoin version from 2011, meaning a BEP-20 token valued at only $0.99.

However, the project aims to offer staking, which will release tokens at the same speed as block mining on the original BTC network. With a bright future ahead, the ticket is selling rapidly, and it can be bought with BNB, ETH, or USDT. The presale will continue until the soft cap of $3.06 million is reached.


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