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Biggest Crypto Gainers Today, March 27 – MASK, SSV, LHINU, FGHT, CCHG, METRO, TARO

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Biggest Crypto Gainers Today, March 27 - MASK, SSV, LHINU, FGHT, CCHG, METRO, TARO
Biggest Crypto Gainers Today, March 27 - MASK, SSV, LHINU, FGHT, CCHG, METRO, TARO

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Cryptocurrencies braved the seemingly volatile weekend amid unfathomable stability that has seen the total market cap increase by 0.1% to slightly above $1.2 trillion. Some selected tokens emerged as the best crypto gainers of the day, starting with MASK and SSV.

Bitcoin held firmly to support at $27,000; level analysts had said would either make or break the largest cryptocurrency—and so, the entire market. With Q1 of 2023 nearly over, investors would be evaluating the performance of their portfolios, with some tokens likely facing the axe.

Before buying cryptos for portfolio diversification, investors may want to consider some of the best altcoins in the market. Up-and-coming crypto ecosystems like LHINU, FGHT, CCHG, METRO, and TARO could offer the best risk-reward ratio in 2023 as global economic uncertainty heightens.

Mask Network Price Above $6.00 Again

Mask Network price is up 5% in 24 hours and exchanging hands slightly above the pivotal $6.00 level at the time of writing. Last week MASK was engulfed in heavy selling pressure where it stretched the leg from $6.50 to $5.30.

Before this pullback, Mask Network had aggressively pushed to the same level from a slightly lower support area formed at $4.90, not to mention a 69.23% increase in price from roughly $2.00 on January 1, 2023.

Biggest Crypto Gainers Today, March 27 - MASK, SSV, LHINU, FGHT, CCHG, METRO, TARO
MASK/USD two-hour chart

That said, MASK swept through immense liquidity at $5.30, the most recent support, highlighted by a confluence formed by the 100-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) and the ascending trendline, as shown on the two-hour timeframe chart.

For now, bulls must plan to hold the price above $6.00 which may help keep the uptrend targeting $6.50 intact. The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator shows the path with the least resistance is to the upside.

A break above the seller congestion at $6.50 would be a game changer for MASK, as it climbs above $10.00. Price Rallies 6%

SSV bulls seized the reins on Saturday after finding support at $33.50 following declines from March highs of $43.34. A 51.16% move from mid-March elevated SSV among the best-performing altcoins.

Remember most altcoins lagged in March as Bitcoin and Ethereum rallied amid the banking crisis in the United States and Europe. As investors locked in gains due to market uncertainty, SSV was dropping within the confines of a falling wedge pattern.

Biggest Crypto Gainers Today, March 27 - MASK, SSV, LHINU, FGHT, CCHG, METRO, TARO
SSV/USD two-hour chart

Since this wedge pattern often results in a bullish outcome—a trend reversal, it was easy for bulls to regain control and push for a breakout last weekend.

SSV is trading at $37.24 at the time of writing after its uptrend slowed down approaching $38.00. On the bright side, the token sits on top of all the relevant moving averages, including the 50-day EMA (line in red), the 100-day EMA (line in blue), and the 200-day EMA (line in purple).

Despite the ostensibly rising overhead pressure, SSV is in line to fight for support at the moving averages, from where bulls would push for the resumption of the uptrend. If push comes to shove, SSV may retest lower support areas at $33.50 and $30.00, respectively.

Love Hate Inu (LHINU): The Ultimate Voting Token

Within the first month of its debut, Love Hate Inu’s presale has wrecked in $1.74 million, selling LHINU tokens in stages 1, 2, and 3 of the presale. Experts in the crypto industry have within this short time rated Love Hate Inu as the best crypto presale to buy in 2023.

Investors who are piquing interest in Love Hate Inu must, however, rush to catch the price in the 3rd stage before it rises to $0.000105 in the fourth stage – arriving in less than 6 days. Love Hate Inu expects to list on exchanges at $0.000145, meaning investors who bought LHINU in stage 1 would have gained roughly 41% in paper value.

Love Hate Inu is a meme-based token that has practical real-world applications and is supported by blockchain technology’s voting system. Its fundamental structure aims to address problems in the polling and survey industries by ensuring a secure and transparent decentralized platform.

That said, Love Hate Inu is a top-of-the-line voting token with the ability to allow everyone, without the fear of judgment or prejudice, to express their opinions on vibrant topics—and while doing so, they can earn rewards and eek a living.

Stake-to-vote, otherwise, referred to as vote-to-earn is one of Love Hate Inu’s vital selling points. All the polls would be accessed via staking as the prerequisite for community members wishing to participate.

Love Hate Inu has a total supply of 100 billion LHINU tokens. The team has resolved to offer 90% of the total circulating supply in the presale stages as a way of preventing the risk of a rugpull.

Fight Out (FGHT): Blending Play-To-Earn and Train-To-Earn

Fight Out is a new play-to-earn ecosystem that has raised $5.87 million from investors as its presale closes in on the finish line—only 4 days remaining.

This new crypto project stands out for its revolutionary approach to fitness gamification and an integrated virtual world. Fitness experts around the world have singled out Fight Out’s team for removing the barriers to entry in Web3 to easily onboard Web2 users.

Although the presale is closing on March 31, investors can still buy FGHT tokens at a discounted price.

Fight Out has within a short time made a name for itself as the go-to platform for exciting play-to-earn games and fitness needs. Over the years, the fitness industry has as transitioned from purely physical gyms with weights and machines to personalized boutiques and online apps.

However, the barriers to entry have remained with fitness boutiques and personal trainers being out of reach for most people. Meanwhile, Fight Out is building an app, but this app will provide users with customized training programs at no extra cost so that they can achieve their fitness goals a lot faster.

Fight Out integrates strong train-to-earn models to bring fitness to the Web3 realm using inexpensive NFT avatars, the metaverse, and cryptocurrency rewards.

The blockchain-based startup employs sturdy software to include an extensive array of workout protocols and potency-altering methodologies in the metaverse. Fight Out also offers users monetary benefits for engaging in physical fitness tasks and workouts.

Investors who wish to buy Fight Out at a discounted rate in the presale should do so quickly before March 31 when it closes.

Metropoly (METRO): Fractionalizing The Global Real Estate with NFTs

Metropoly is an up-and-coming ecosystem, seeking to revolutionize the global real estate investment scene. Like Love Hate Inu, Metropoly taps the power of blockchain technology to change the way people around the world buy and sell properties.

The new ecosystem has attracted the attention of many investors who for the longest time have been locked out of the incredibly valuable global real estate market due to cost and time implications.

Experts in the crypto market are already predicting a faster growth rate for METRO with the likelihood of reaching the $1 billion market cap in 2023.

Metropoly is the first NFT-based project to back investment in the global real estate market. It is an inclusive platform, allowing everyone to participate regardless of their background, financial position, or physical location to invest in high-yield properties around the world for as little as $100.

The team has tapped the decentralized element of blockchain technology to spread ownership of real estate on a wider spectrum, to allow investors to earn monthly rent in addition to accruing long-term value.

Unlike traditional real estate investing, which is time-consuming, fixed, and not liquid, Metropoly real estate NFTs are highly liquid (can be bought or sold at any time) within a couple of minutes on the marketplace.

“Investing in real estate through Metropoly allows you to expand your wealth just like the world’s top 1%, and that too within seconds,” Metropoly on Twitter.

As one of the best altcoins to buy for crypto portfolio diversification in 2023, Metropoly has entered stage 10 of the presale with $1.03 million raised.

Investors are buying the discounted METRO tokens at $0.0714, although the price will increase in the next stage. It is prudent to get into the presale early because FOMO tends to grip investors as the end beckons.

C+Charge (CCHG): Merging Web3, EV Charging And Crypto Rewards

The world is shifting fast toward a greener economy that will one day run purely on renewable energy. While such a milestone may seem like a tall feat to achieve, Rome was not built in one day either, which means these small steps could compound into something significant.

C+Charge is a blockchain-based startup that has stepped up to the challenge to bring up a Web3 platform to improve the electric vehicle (EV) charging market.

Although EV drivers are at the center of the push toward a greener economy, they are left out when it comes to sharing the benefits of the carbon credit industry.

With C+Charge, the user experience remains crucial, but on top of this, drivers of EVs will for the first time, participate and earn from the fast-growing carbon credit market, which is dominated by big corporations like Tesla.

C+Charge is easily one of the best crypto presales to buy on Monday for its contribution to the green climate movement.

It aims to democratize the carbon credit industry by enabling EV drivers to earn carbon credits every time they pay using CCHG at charging stations.

To usher in crypto-powered energy, C+Charge is partnering with EV manufacturers from around the world like Flowcarbon. C+Charge will also partner with existing and new EV charging stations to grow its network and increase CCHG’s use cases in real life.

The C+Charge system is controlled by an application where users get firsthand information on charging stations’ locations, pricing, payment options, charger wait times, and so on. The process is secure, transparent, and easy to use.

The C+Charge presale is underway with the teaming raising $3.39 million in a matter of weeks. Investors must hurry to buy CCHG tokens at a discounted price before the project debuts on BitMart exchange on March 31, 2023.

The Metaverse Is Alive Again with RobotEra (TARO)

RobotEar is a new crypto project, but unlike many other up-and-coming projects, it is breathing a new life into the metaverse, with exciting additions like game development, play-to-earn, and a robust economy.

Investors and developers alike are excited about this new frontier of metaverse gaming. RobotEra has within a few months of existence grown exponentially in all aspects of the gaming industry.

In the RobotEra ecosystem, it is not just about playing games, users have been provided with an expansive metaverse to explore, interact with one another, buy and sell assets including land and property.

Unlike other play-to-earn platforms, RobotEra allows gamers and developers to intermingle, which results in unmatched gaming features and rewards.

Investors interacting with RobotEra for the first time can easily identify with it as a Sandbox-style crypto project, where they can buy NFTs based on lands, in-game structures, and items in addition to the opportunity to buy properies and build the metaverse to connect to different communities.

This revolutionary metaverse project uniquely combines NFTs and P2E models to give users the best experiences and the opportunity to make an income.

TARO, the token powering the ecosystem, is currently available in a fast-selling presale that has so far raised $1.04 million in a matter of weeks.

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