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Biggest Crypto Gainers Today, March 22 – XRP, ADA, LHINU, FGHT, CCHG, METRO, TARO

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Biggest Crypto Gainers Today, March 22
Biggest Crypto Gainers Today, March 22

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Cryptocurrency has become a global buzzword now. Today, the net worth of the entire cryptocurrency market stands over 1.22 trillion US dollars. This global market is never constant and always keeps on growing. New currencies are being launched regularly which improve on the existing coins or provide more real-world utility. However, keeping up with the trends and price movements of all the cryptocurrencies is time taking and challenging.

Thus, we bring to you a well-researched list of the biggest crypto gainers to watch out for today. Please see below.


XRP Ledger, also known as XRP is an open-source public blockchain. The network is decentralized and doesnt need supervision from a central authority. XRPL was launched in the year 2021 and its entire community consists of software engineers, businesses, users, operators, and others who maintain the ledger. Anyone interested in maintaining the ledger can connect their device to this Peer-to-Peernetwork.

XRP Price March 22

The XRP Ledger uses a federated consensus mechanism to validate its transactions. All the transactions in this network are validated by the same rules. Transactions which follow this consensus protocol are then confirmed. All the transactions on this network are open to the public and transparent which allows anyone to operate a validator. Because of this unique validation process, all transactions can be verified without any errors as every validation is done collectively and not independently.

XRP Ledger offers advantages such as low fees, fast transactions, high transaction-per-second, scalability, and carbon-neutral transactions, over the alternative Bitcoin blockchain. The ledger also boasts of having DEX, which is the first decentralized exchange, and a custom tokenisation capacity built into its system.

The market capitalization for XRP is today at $22.9 billion, and the circulating supply is at 50.9 billion XRP. The price of one XRP today is $0.452. The price has increased by 16% in the last 24 hours.


Cardano, also known as ADA is a blockchain-powered platform which uses a Proof-of-Stakemodel. It was founded in the year 2017. It is an open-source project and aims to bring a global positive change through change-makers, innovators, and visionaries. The platform will allow the redistribution of power to make way for a transparent, just, and secure society.

ADA Price March 22

Cardano has many advantages over traditional cryptocurrencies. It is considered the biggest blockchain network to have implemented a Proof-of-Stakemechanism. This makes it more efficient and less energy intensive as compared to the Proof-of-Workmodel used by Bitcoin. The network encourages a rigorous academic examination before doing any technology development to ensure that its blockchain is stable and stands the test of time.

The platforms native token is ADA whose name has been adopted from Ada Lovelace, a renowned mathematician. The token allows its owners to vote regarding the governance and operation of the network. Thus, users have a say in any proposed changes within the Cardano network.

The price of one ADA is trading around $0.37 today. Its market capitalization stands over $12.8 billion, while its circulating capital is 34.7 billion ADA.


Love Hate Inu or LHINU offers a safe and transparent platform where users can earn rewards by voting on crucial issues. The platform is based on a Stake-to-Votemodel which is secure and protected by smart contracts. Thus, it is free from spam and other manipulation. The platform also ensures that voting can be done anonymously and the votes can be easily verified. The voting system in this platform operates on blockchain technology.

Buy Love Hate Inu

The platforms utility token is LHINU which is a meme coin but will offer utility via its Vote-to-Earnmodel. Users will be rewarded with LHINU tokens when they put in their votes. Users can also use the LHINU tokens for staking to participate in the polls. Users of this platform will also have a say on what kind of polls they would like to organise.

To be part of the Love hate Inu community, you can take advantage of its presale. The platform aims to sell off 90% of its raised funds from the presale and use the rest for community rewards and future liquidity needs. The presale is currently in its 2nd stage with its price at $ 0.000095. the second stage will conclude on the 24th of March, and after that price will go up to $ 0.000105.


Fight Out, also known as FGHT is a mobile web3 application based on the M2E and P2E models.

Buy FightOut tokens

It aims to bring together the world of gaming, cryptocurrency, and fitness under one engaging metaverse. It is rapidly growing and gaining popularity as a Move-to-Earn platform. This is further proved by the whooping $5.7 million it has raised so far through its presale.

According to its official website, Fight Out is the fastest growing Play-to-Earn game of the year 2023. The concept of this platform is extremely simple and easy to follow. Users need to compete in this gaming ecosystem to earn rewards. Users can take part in fitness activities, complete fitness challenges, and track their progress. Users can create their digital avatars, undertake the Fight Out training and can win the Fight Out championship. The platform features a leaderboard that displays the top-performing avatars.

This mobile application is like a fitness tracking device but offers so much more than that. The platform aims to change the way people think about fitness and physical training. It will provide incentives in the form of cryptocurrency rewards to the users to keep dedicated to their fitness journey. It will allow users to earn financially from their physical well-being. The platform has various coaches, athletes, and fitness professionals who will provide fitness classes as per the usersneeds. The platform also plans to expand by creating physical gyms across the globe where subscribers can go and be a part of this growing community.

The presale for FGHT will end on the 31st of March. The price of one 1 FGHT is now at $0.03090. After this stage of the presale, its price will increase to $0.0333.


C+Charge, also known as CCHG, is pioneering a Peer-to-Peerpayment mechanism via a blockchain network. This innovative payment solution is quickly becoming popular for being a green cryptocurrency. The C+Charge platform operates on an Ethereum blockchain technology. Its native coin CCHG is an ERC-20 token.

C+Charge Vehicles

The electronic vehicle industry is expanding rapidly across the globe. As the need for a more sustainable lifestyle increases, there will be more demand for EVs on the road. The industry will face an infrastructure crisis and wont be adequate to meet the increasing demand. C+Charge attempts to offer a solution in this area.

The platform seeks to reduce e some of the major issues that the EV industry is currently facing.

The C+Charge platform will be available as a web3 application and help users to identify EV charging stations in an area. The application will allow users to pay for their EV charging via its P2P payment solution, thus bringing uniformity in EV transactions across the globe. The platform will also provide carbon credits for each EV charge which could be used later by the users.

If you want to be a part of the C+Charge community which strives to work towards a sustainable world, then you would be delighted to know about its ongoing ICO. It has raised over 3 million from its presale to date. Today, the presale is on stage 7 and the price of one CCHG is $0.020.


Metropoly, also known as METRO, is pioneering an NFT-backed marketplace. The platforms main motive is to facilitate a global marketplace for real estate properties. Metropoly will allow investors to invest in any real-world properties without any involvement of traditional banking bodies.

The platform offers three advantages over the traditional way of property investment. First, the real estate properties listed on Metropolys marketplace are divided into tiny fractions. Thus, it will allow investors to invest as much as they can afford. The investment on this platform will start from $100.

Second, since the investment value could be as low as $100, this will allow investors to invest in different types of properties and improve their portfolios. This will also help them generate multiple passive incomes without doing any heavy work. As all the properties will be managed and handled by the metropolis team.

Third, investors will earn a share from the income generated by these properties in form of rent or value appreciation. Investors will also have the option to sell off their shares at any time they want.

If you are interested in both cryptocurrency and real estate, you should consider investing in Metropoly. The platform has acquired over $980k from its presale which amounts to 98% of its set target. The presale is currently in its 10th stage where the price of one METRO is $0.0714.


RobotEra, also known as TARO, is rapidly gaining popularity as a gaming metaverse in 2023. The platform aims to provide a unique planet-rebuilding experience through its metaverse and operates on a “Play-to-Earn” model where players can receive rewards for participating in gaming activities.

Robotera Presale

The platform offers players the ability to acquire assets and resources, contribute to building the economy, and construct towns and cities to expand the metaverse. It also allows for unparalleled creative freedom, enabling players to build a world of their imagination and fantasy.

The platform aims to bring together the world of cryptocurrency, gaming, and real estate under this one metaverse. TARO is the native utility token of RobotEra. This token could be used to govern the RobotEra ecosystem and also as a currency to progress in the game.

If you want to join this exciting gaming metaverse, RobotEra’s ongoing ICO offers an opportunity to get involved. The presale has already raised over $1 million and is currently in its first stage, where one TARO costs $0.020. The price will increase to $0.025 in the second stage of the presale.

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