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Biggest Crypto Gainers Today – February 18


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It has been a bullish day for the cryptocurrency market, with a huge chunk of investors. It is challenging to choose the finest cryptocurrency for investment because the majority of currencies on the marketplace are testing their most recent highs. However, a good idea to make strategic investments could be to keep an eye out for tokens that perform well on a daily and regular basis.

Here are a few of today’s biggest gainers that deserve your urgent attention after we narrowed down the list.


The HELLO Token is the foundation of Hello Labs, an entity that claims to be the future of cryptocurrency and entertainment. The platform has gained popularity for providing users with unique access to their programs, games, and NFTs.

HELLO Token Live Chart

HELLO is now trading at about $0.0464 with a 24-hour daily volume of more than $6 million. This implies a price rise of 47.60% on the previous day and a price increase of 156.60% in the previous week. With 530 million HELLO in circulation, the coin has a market worth of $24,883,110.

HELLO Labs, founded by Grammy-nominated Art Director of the same MTV VMAs Paul Caslin, hopes to enlist the upcoming 1 billion Web3 users. They are planning by establishing a seamless “Web2 meets Web3” knowledge that assists even the most basic users in taking their first step towards possessing a virtual currency, attempting to play Web3 games, or watching exclusive shows.

The Web3 ecosystem is driven by the $HELLO token. You can use $HELLO to access premium content, play online games in HELLO Arcade, and buy NFTs. The ecosystem will become more useful as it develops.


One of the busiest communities on the robust Polygon Network is for PolyDoge, a newly launched cryptocurrency. In the guise of NFTs, applications, airdrops, and access to various DeFi platforms that are prepared for use on Polygon, it provides its holders with a broad range of entertaining engagement opportunities.

PolyDoge website

Early in 2010, the Shiba Inu, a Japanese dog breed, soared in popularity online. The star of PolyDoge’s appealing branding is their individual polygonized counterpart, who wears the purple Polygon sunglasses day and night, the team has stated. It has already established itself as PolyDoge’s ubiquitous mascot and is ruthlessly enslaving the namespace.

PolyDoge also aims to operate as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The token invites users to submit ideas and cast votes on issues affecting POLYDOGE’s growth and future.

Moreover, POLYDOGE is indeed a deflationary coin, which means that its supply will gradually shrink. For example, users are incentivized to purchase NFTs and cards with POLYDOGE coins. To keep the coins’ increased worth, the purchase money is burned, though. Burning a cryptocurrency occurs when a small number of tokens are sent to a wallet without a private key. This implies that the coins are irretrievably gone. To reduce supply and increase market value, tokens are frequently burned.

Fight Out (FHGT)

As the concept of “Move-to-Earn” develops momentum, Fight Out promotes its position as one of the key players to best implement this innovative new method of exercise.

The Fight Out program, which was initially made available as a web3 phone app, provides much more than just step tracking. Users of Fight Out may track their progress toward fitness objectives and stay motivated as their prizes accumulate by earning incentives for performing tasks on the website. The portal will primarily provide detailed guidance on all aspects of general health, including exercise, food, and supplements.

FightOut presale

Also, instructional movies on the best methods for achieving your fitness objectives will be accessible on the website. Elite athletes have joined the platform, helping to stage events, provide users with personalized instruction, and host tournaments on the site.

Fight Out, however, has several other devices in mind. The concept aims to combine the virtual and real worlds by constructing physical gyms all over the world. The app users can go to these gyms, work out, and participate in ongoing challenges.

The concept of a metaverse is also included in the platform’s software. A digital avatar will be created for each program participant using NFT. The physical traits and technological developments of this individual will all be mirrored in this avatar. People using them will also be displayed on challenge leaderboards.

The platform’s incentives will be given out using REPS, the network’s off-chain coin. Nonetheless, the platform’s primary token, FGHT, will enable all on-chain transactions, governance, and usefulness.

As FGHT tokens are available for 0.02245 USDT during the presale, users can take part in the project. Around April 5th, the currencies will begin trading on CEXs, and prices will increase until March 31st.

C+Charge (CCHG)


C+Charge is a pioneering company that is working to integrate carbon offsets into the market for electric vehicles and has received a lot of attention and support. The current stage of the emerging project’s presale may continue to be open for a further six days until the price increases to $0.017. The CCHG tokens will begin trading on authorized exchanges after the presale is over. Now is the time to invest if you want to profit the most from the project.

The C+Charge platform will be available on mobile devices. It aims to overcome the lack of EV charging standards, which is a major problem in the EV industry. The effort aims to provide a single payment mechanism across all EV chargers to make EV charging incredibly simple for car owners.

C+Charge Vehicles

Also, motorists will be allowed to locate the nearest station that allows them to charge their vehicles, which is quite helpful when planning extended trips. Moreover, the platform will offer an auto diagnosis to make sure it is performing at its peak, ensuring a safer ride.

Customers will pay using CCHG tokens at charging stations and earn carbon credits in return, which they may sell or swap for CCHG tokens.

You can also become a part of the EV charging breakthrough by investing in the CCHG presale. By stage three, the presale had effectively generated almost $1.17 million, with CCHG tokens going for 0.016 USDT.

RobotEra (TARO)

A struggle between the villagers and a mechanical army turned Taro, which formerly had a bustling society, into a total wasteland. A scientist created the “robot singularity” experiment, which gave all robots on the planet feelings and sensations similar to those of humans, just as society was on the verge of extinction. The planet must now return to its former glory and let the tragedy fade into the past. This is the storyline of one of the most trending cryptocurrency projects- RobotEra.

RobotEra Best IEO Crypto

RobotEra is a video game where robots have taken over the world and must rebuild it.

In the captivating metaverse game RobotEra, players assume the role of robots and explore the RobotEra environment while building, owning assets, and making contributions to a healthy economy. Every robot you see during gameplay is an NFT that you may buy, sell, or trade within the gameplay itself. These NFTs might be customized and used as robot friends.

Each element in the game has a unique value and serves as an NFT as well. By providing services and charging other users for events like athletic events or concerts, users may explore the metaverse. There are various options depending on whether a player owns or operates a venue. Credits on the platform will be given out using the TARO cryptocurrency, the network’s native utility token. These tokens may be used as in-game currency as well as bets to earn interest. The TARO token’s cryptocurrency price is currently set at 0.020 USDT in phase 1 of the presale; in phase 2, it will rise to 0.025 USDT.


Today, we spoke about some of the top gainers of the day as well as several additional tokens that are now in early presale and show great promise. Regardless of whether these cryptocurrencies were in the news that day, you should always conduct research before embarking on a crypto project.

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