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Best Crypto to Buy Now January 4 – Sei, Hedera, Optimism 

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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‘What is the best crypto to buy right now?’ is a common question asked by investors – in this article, we explore a range of tokens to watch.

The quest for the best cryptocurrency to invest in remains a compelling subject that consistently draws the interest of investors. Tokens such as Sei, Hedera, and Optimism have attracted attention due to their impressive performance. By examining their current positions and considering recent market trends, the objective is to empower investors with the insights necessary for making informed decisions in cryptocurrency.

Best Crypto to Buy Now

Bitcoin witnessed a substantial decline, reaching a maximum loss of 9.2%, briefly slipping below the $41,000 threshold. This drop occurred shortly after reaching a 21-month high, surpassing the $45,000 mark. Wednesday’s price fluctuations represent the most considerable volatility observed over two months. 

crypto heat map

The impact of this market turbulence extended to stocks associated with the cryptocurrency sector, with shares in the United States-based crypto exchange Coinbase Global Inc. declining by as much as 8.1%, albeit later recovering from the initial dip.

1. Meme Kombat (MK)

Meme Kombat has retained its place as the best crypto to buy now. The meme coin has achieved a presale milestone of $5,938,990.34 out of its $6,500,000.00 goal. The project’s early success can be attributed to its distinctive gaming platform tailored for enthusiasts.

Furthermore, MK provides users diverse avenues to interact with the platform and earn rewards. This was done by introducing a novel blend of staking and betting. However, this integrated staking and betting approach aims to enhance the utility of MK tokens for users, emphasizing versatility.

Meme Kombat’s strategy extends to listing its tokens on a decentralized exchange, reserving 10% of the total tokens for liquidity. This decision, outlined in their whitepaper, underscores the project’s commitment to facilitating the decentralized trading of MK tokens. Half of the MK tokens are available at $0.268 each during the presale, with a maximum cap of $10 million.

Additionally, there is an 8-hour window before the next price hike to $0.279, giving potential investors time to consider their investment decisions. The apparent focus on utility and a strategic approach makes Meme Kombat an intriguing prospect for potential investors and users.

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2. Sei (SEI) 

The SEI token has experienced a notable 70% increase in value over the past week. This surge positions SEI as the best cryptocurrency to buy now. The recent positive performance of the SEI coin underscores its potential for sustained growth and development. 

SEI Price Chart

Moreover, it is a significant player in decentralized finance and blockchain technology. Current sentiment analysis for Sei’s price prediction reflects a bullish outlook, while the Fear & Greed Index stands at 68 (Greed). In the Proof-of-Stake Coins sector, SEI ranks 10th and 25th in the Layer 1 sector.

Over the last 30 days, SEI has experienced 17 green days, constituting 57% of its recent trading activity. Trading near its cycle high, SEI also demonstrates high liquidity based on its market capitalization. Additionally, the circulating supply of SEI stands at 2.30 billion out of a maximum supply of 10.00 billion SEI tokens.

3. Stacks (STX)

Stacks introduced Pyth Price Feeds following last year’s release of Pyth Price Feeds for developers on the Stacks platform. This update provides smart contract developers easy access to over 400 real-time price feeds for various assets. This includes digital assets, foreign exchange pairs, commodities, ETFs, and US equities.

Furthermore, the STX price has experienced an intraday increase of 1.12%. The current sentiment for Stacks’ price prediction is bullish, with a Fear & Greed Index value of 68 (Greed). Stacks has a circulating supply of 1.43 billion STX out of a maximum supply of 1.82 billion STX. Last year, the annual supply inflation rate was 6.35%, creating 85.44 million STX.

STX Price Chart

In the market, Stacks ranks 11th in the Ethereum (ERC20) Tokens sector and 23rd in the Layer 1 sector. Over the past year, the price has increased by an impressive 609%, outperforming 91% of the top 100 crypto assets. Currently trading above the 200-day simple moving average, with 15 green days in the last 30 days, the project maintains high liquidity based on its market capitalization.

4. Hedera (HBAR)

Hedera recently announced its integration with WalletConnect. The integration simplifies the compatibility challenge between wallets and dApps on the Hedera platform. Furthermore, it allows developers to use WalletConnect as a one-stop solution. 

HBAR Price Chart

This time-saving measure enables developers to concentrate on more engaging aspects of their work. The integration not only benefits developers but also enhances the user experience. Users can now seamlessly use their preferred wallets with various dApps, eliminating concerns about compatibility issues. 

WalletConnect’s integration is poised to improve efficiency and user-friendliness within the Hedera community. This move fosters a more cohesive and collaborative environment, simplifying the development and use of applications. By building bridges within the community, Hedera aims to position itself as an attractive platform for future partnerships and integrations.

Based on recent data, Hedera has seen a 123% increase in price, outperforming 65% of the top 100 crypto assets last year. However, current sentiment analysis suggests a bearish outlook for Hedera.  Furthermore, HBAR’s circulating supply is 14.83 billion out of a maximum supply of 50 billion HBAR. 

Hedera reached its highest point on September 15, 2021, at $0.567001, and its lowest price on January 2, 2020, at $0.009880. In market rankings, it ranks 13th in the Proof-of-Stake Coins sector and 32nd in the Layer 1 sector. 

Technically, Hedera is trading above the 200-day simple moving average and has seen 18 green days in the last 30 days. The project maintains high liquidity based on market capitalization, indicating a robust market presence.

5. Optimism (OP)

Optimism has experienced a substantial surge in user adoption, with the network’s total addresses reaching 84.38 million. The consistent growth is evident, particularly last month, witnessing an 88.17% increase in price.

This noteworthy uptick can be attributed to the successful conclusion of Optimism’s third airdrop on September 18. The airdrop distributed 19,411,313 Optimism tokens valued at over $26 million to 31,870 unique addresses.

OP Price Chart

Furthermore, market sentiment for Optimism is bullish, with the Fear & Greed Index at 68 (Greed). Optimism’s circulating supply is 214.75 million OP out of a maximum supply of 4.29 billion. In addition, Optimism ranks fifth in the Layer 2 sector.

Over the past year, OP has demonstrated a price increase of 234%, outperforming 81% of the top 100 cryptocurrencies. It has surpassed Bitcoin and Ethereum in performance, maintaining a position above the 200-day simple moving average. Additionally, in the last 30 days, Optimism has witnessed 17 positive trading days, accounting for 57% of the period. 

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