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Best 4 Cryptos to Buy Now With High Potential

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Altcoin crypto prices D2T
Altcoin crypto prices D2T

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While crypto presales do provide a significant discount for investors to acquire cryptocurrency, it can be difficult to choose a worthwhile project. This article will discuss the top 4 cryptos you need to invest in 2022. It also includes an assessment of the most promising forthcoming crypto projects and advice for investors on how to select the most promising new digital assets.

So stick around till the end of this article as these promising crypto projects may just give you a 10x profit by the end of the year.

Dash 2 Trade 

The Dash 2 Trade (D2T) cryptocurrency is associated with a new initiative developing an analytics-driven platform for the benefit of traders and investors seeking to maximize their potential returns. In just the first day of its presale, Dash 2 Trade raised an astonishing $400,000. With the increasing buzz surrounding the product, demand is only expected to grow.

Dash 2 Trade Presale

Currently, 35,000,000 tokens are being offered at a price of $0.0476 apiece. In succeeding time intervals, the token price will rise until it reaches $0.0662. Because of this, pre-sale investors stand to gain around 39% very instantly. The D2T token, which is unique to the project, is used for many things inside the Dash 2 Trade ecosystem, including the membership fee. With a limited quantity of only 1 billion tokens, the price of D2T is expected to soar after the project’s complete release.

The Dash 2 Trade free version only provides access to the most basic on-chain data, while the Dash 2 Trade starting pack provides access to the majority of the features, including presale insights and automated trading; the Dash 2 Trade premium pack provides access to all of the features, including sophisticated presale metrics and professional social metrics.

Dash 2 Trade is a trading and investing platform loaded with essential tools. This is a platform for trying out various investing techniques with the help of a highly configurable automated trading API are. Check out our price prediction for Dash 2 Trade to glance at how far this crypto can go.


Token sales for IMPT, a new cryptocurrency, have just begun. The initiative is being directed by a doxxed team of experts from a wide range of important corporations in the fields of commerce and telecommunications, and it promises to make a significant contribution toward combating a pressing problem of our time: global warming.

Buy IMPT Presale

IMPT, in contrast to many other recently launched crypto initiatives, aims to address a real-world problem by encouraging people and organizations to become more cognizant of their carbon footprints and, critically, to offset some of them.

With the support of its hundreds of retail partners, it plans to issue carbon credits in an effort to mitigate the situation. Since GameStop, Microsoft, and have all collaborated with IMPT, many investors view it as the most promising cryptocurrency available.

They can be purchased or obtained via other means and used toward the funding of various green initiatives that have passed muster. These credits will be tradable assets that may be purchased, sold, or kept; when they are retired, their owners will be eligible to receive one-of-a-kind NFTs.

Tokens that have been retired will also contribute to a worldwide score that IMPT will create to motivate people and businesses to reduce their carbon footprints. The first phase of the presale will offer 600 million tokens for sale for $0.018 per, with $100 netting 5,555 tokens. The presale will finish until all tokens are sold or on November 25, whatever comes sooner.

There has been a $5 million investment in Phase 1 in only two weeks. There will be a subsequent issuance of 1.2 billion tokens at a later phased price increase of $0.023 and finally $0.028. Since global warming is among the most serious challenges of our day, and since participating in a cryptocurrency’s presale is a terrific opportunity to capitalize on the bear market, IMPT is now one of the greatest cryptos to invest in.

Check out our list of other greenest cryptocurrencies in the market.


Numerous crypto-based gaming startups have been launched, however the great majority has failed to gain traction in the mainstream gaming industry. 

Buy Calvaria

The intricacy of blockchain and crypto interfaces puts off traditional gamers who aren’t very tech savvy. Calvaria stands itself from the competition because to its intuitive interface and exciting game mechanics. Fans of both classic gaming and cryptocurrencies will like this game. There is a free-to-play version of the game accessible on both Google Play and the Apple App Store, so anyone can give it a try and see whether they enjoy it. 

But in the play-to-earn variety, your gaming skills may actually be converted into cash. If you don’t want to wait or download any wallets, you may try playing right away. Calvaria does not force you to buy crypto tokens and NFT in-game assets; instead, it gives you a choice and explains why it’s beneficial to use P2E. 

If you do decide to invest in Calvaria in-game assets, you can be certain that, thanks to the blockchain, you will be the exclusive sole proprietor of such assets.

The game’s concentration on the afterlife is mentioned in the Calvaria whitepaper, which is unusual for video games and the media at large. More room for creativity and originality exists. Duel of Eternity, the main attraction, is currently in beta and hence unavailable to players. However, there are currently two previews available to satisfy your curiosity.

The unique features of the Calvaria ecosystem include a gamified staking platform with many pools, a scholarship structure where you can rent your decks, form a group of players, get to be a team manager, and a marketplace where you can buy and sell in-game assets.

Keeping in mind its forward-thinking aims, major players in the market, including as,, KuCoin, and others, have decided to collaborate on the project.

There are a net of 1,000,000,000 $RIA tokens that will be created, with 300,000,000 set aside for the presale. During the presale, the tokens will be sold at a discount. Putting one more way, the quicker you invest, the less it will cost.

Calvaria is highly recommended as a new cryptocurrency to invest in due to its zero vesting policy. Tokens bought in the pre-sale will be made available to buyers in full when the product is finally released. Follow the Calvaria project on Twitter and Telegram to stay up to date on its progress. Moreover, don’t miss out on Gleam’s Calvaria Giveaway, where you may win a hundred thousand dollars.


One of the very successful presales of the year on OKX, Tamadoge sold out in just eight weeks. Tamadoge is inspired by the widely-distributed “Dogecoin” token; however it is more than simply a Memecoin due to its practical uses. The Tamadoge group is working on a P2E game and Metaverse integration at the same time. In-game access to the platform’s native NFT collection, Tamadoge pets, will be made available.

Buy Tamadoge

Investors may develop Tamadoge NFTs, which can be used to breed, train, and battle in the Tamaverse. Players may gain points by taking part in the game, and the top scorers will be awarded rewards. This is one of the main reasons why Tamadoge is so popular on OpenSea. The TAMA token, issued by Tamadoge, is the main medium of trade and payment here. This money may be used to buy in-game items, new NFTs, and perform other transactions.

Over time, Tamadoge hopes to improve the platform and open it up to AR uses. This will allow gamers to have meaningful interactions with one another in the Metaverse. Even though the presale period has expired, TAMA tokens may be acquired on several exchanges, and more are being added all the time. The token’s current market price of about $0.09 is a premium of 300% over its original list price and a premium of 900% over its initial coin offering price of $0.01.

The Tamadoge social media channels like Twitter and Telegram channels are a must-follow for anybody thinking about contributing to the project. OKX, which provides users with both a centralized and decentralized trading platform, has included the business opportunity among its investment options.


Therefore, the Dash2Trade presale is, without question, the greatest one available to you this week. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to purchase D2T coins at a historically low price. Because of this, a growing number of individuals have decided to put their money into this currency during its presale, and the most astute investors among them have also decided to put their money into another amazing presale, namely the presale of IMPT coins. 

Investing this week in any of these two initiatives is a safe bet, but you’d be making the smartest move possible if you did so in both cases. The TAMA coin is a terrific choice for crypto investment since its value is predicted to increase over the next term, and it is also participating in two amazing presales that you should not miss. So, seize the day, put in a small amount of money, and welcome financial gain into your life!

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