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Bee Mortgage App Launches MVP Application for Android, iPhone

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Bee Mortgage App, a group self-described as one that’s “founded by licensed real estate agents and mortgage pros along with a team experienced in mobile app development and blockchain technology,” has officially launched its application after completing a pre-seed round, according to a press release from the group.

This app is essentially a debt-to-income calculator, which focuses on “helping buyers easily identify their ideal sales price and monthly payment,” the release continues.

It’s available on Apple and Android phones.

Speaking on the matter is co-founder and CEO Curtis Wood, who said:

“Consumer feedback of the app has been very positive—especially how easy it is to use and the contactless mortgage experience. The partnership with DomiDocs ensures we’ll retain refinance customers other lenders are otherwise losing when the market cycles.”

Many expect this application to actually circumvent the traditional mortgage industry, simplifying the mortgage experience, the release continues.

Cutler Knupp, the Director of Strategy and Technology Investments at Dysruptek, also commented on the matter, stating:

“Releasing Bee App on schedule and under budget all during a global pandemic confirms the reasons we invested in both a disruptive technology and the Bee team’s ability to execute their strategy. We believe changing consumer preferences will give Bee App a tailwind as it goes to market.”

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