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Battle Infinity is Coming to PancakeSwap in a Day

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Battle Infinity is Coming to PancakeSwap in a Day
Battle Infinity is Coming to PancakeSwap in a Day

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The time is near. Battle Infinity is coming to Pancakeswap in a day, and the crypto crowd can’t be happier about it.

It was only in July that we all became aware of IBAT, metaverse crypto powering Battle Infinity, a multiverse of metaverse that came to revolutionize traditional gaming. The project came in sporting strong fundamentals and a promise of a “fun” blockchain gaming ecosystem. And as soon as it stepped into the fray with its presale, investors went wild.

How did Battle Infinity hit its Presale Target Ahead of Time?

Battle Infinity didn’t arrive with much fanfare. At most, it had a large telegram group with 20,000 organic followers, strong fundamentals, and the promise of a new way of blockchain gaming.

But these are enough for this project to hit the ground running. The market was still reeling under the crypto winter when it arrived, and People were looking for more worthwhile crypto projects to get behind.

No more false promises and no more overhyped projects that end up being rug-pulls –

That was their battle cry.

And as soon as Battle Infinity came with the following promises and the approval of Solid Proof and Coin Sniper, the entire community lunged at the project.

  1. Battle Games: A collection of graphically-intensive games built using the Unreal engine on blockchain. It would give a much-needed gameplay push that blockchain gaming desperately needs.
  2. Battle Arena: A socializing platform where players could interact with each other while equipping their characters with tokenized in-game assets that they win from games or buy from the NFT marketplace.
  3. Battle Market: The in-house NFT marketplace of the Battle Infinity ecosystem. While you can brush aside this idea as “too common”, you’d be surprised to know how well the devs have integrated this with the two DeFi mechanics.
  4. Battle Swap: Battle Infinity DEX allows users to swap their cryptos for IBAT or vice versa.
  5. Battle Staking: The staking pool that rewards players for locking up their crypto assets and performing some in-game tasks.

And if these five features are not enough, Battle Infinity also introduces the IBAT Premiere League, a first-ever fantasy sports league in the blockchain. Think of Dream 11 and other fantasy sports games, but fairer and with a higher chance to win.

These factors stacked on each other and gave the project a lot of push after its presale. Here is how well the presale went.

  1. Within the first week of the presale, the project met its soft cap requirement of 2,000 BNB.
  2. The sale of IBAT tokens then accelerated, and the project moved past 50% of its target in the next ten days.
  3. As the 25th day arrived, Battle Infinity met its presale target.

Getting Listed on PancakeSwap

The crypto is now heading to PancakeSwap tomorrow. So, if you missed your chance to get BAT during the presale, now is the time to get on it.

However, keep in mind that this project has a lot of hype now – expect the price to rise. But that’s good news for early movers looking to make multi-x gains.

So, what do you think will happen after the DEX listing – Is Lbank next?

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