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Battle Infinity Coming on LBank today – Prepare to Make Gains

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Battlle Infinity List Day on LBank
Battlle Infinity List Day on LBank

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With the cryptocurrency market seeking frequent spikes, investors globally have been excited for the coming months. There have been speculations on the growth of the market after a streak of continuous corrections.

In order to not risk missing out on major gains during an incoming bull market, retail investors and huge organizations alike have been stocking up on major tokens. It is highly likely for top cryptocurrencies to make decent and comparatively assured profits as the markets go up. However, there has always been an opportunity for better returns by investing in high potential small cap projects.

Such a project that has been gaining major traction recently is Battle Infinity. With a fundamentally strong concept and an innovative product, it has managed to amass a sizeable community in a short time.

With the latest CEX listing of its IBAT token on the LBank exchange, there is a huge pool of new investors who are now being newly exposed to the project. The announcement of the listing itself had been creating a buzz on several social media platforms, where the Battle Infinity community seems to be showing great excitement. The IBAT token was officially listed on LBank on 26th August.

What is Battle Infinity?

Battle Infinity is a revolutionary take on a blockchain-based fantasy sports game platform. Created by a group of Indian professionals; much like the popular project Polygon, Battle Infinity was introduced in 2022 itself and was embraced by the investing citizenry for its utility.

The project aims to serve as a platform that can host several fantasy-based sports leagues, where players can make teams of sportspersons as they play real-life matches. These matches are then used to give each sportsperson points, where the player whose team stacks up the most number of points wins rewards.

It is an evergreen project that is NFT-based, which also mitigates the risk of a player getting bored since sports is a category that is always enjoyed by millions of people all around the world. Primarily, the ecosystem consists of six chief offerings:

Battle Swap

The Battle swap acts as a platform-specific decentralized exchange for Battle Infinity. This exchange can be used by investors to purchase IBAT; which is the native token of the ecosystem easily and directly through the exchange.

Battle Market

The platform shall feature a huge variety of games that shall be NFT integrated; meaning they will be playable using 3D rendered NFTs. Thus, the game assets within these games shall be tokenized using the BEP721 smart contract. Since tokenization of these assets will make them unique NFTs that can be bought for a particular amount, they shall be available to purchase on the Battle Market.

Battle Games

This part of the platform will serve as the game store. Players can access Battle Games to choose between a variety of NFT-based P2E games. While the current list of games may be limited, developers are looking to add several others, thereby increasing the number of interested people.

Battle Arena

Since the project shall be completely integrated with the metaverse, players can create and customize their avatars to interact with others in the Battle Arena. Users can buy upgrades for their avatars in the form of NFTs from the Battle Market.

Battle Staking

Users can stake their IBAT tokens on the platform to earn interest on their holdings and also get access to several other benefits.

IBAT Premier League

Currently the flagship product, IBAT Premier League is the world’s first ever decentralized blockchain NFT-based fantasy sports game, which is set to be fully integrated with the metaverse. With a fantasy sports game format at its core, a player will get to create their own sports team and battle against friends or strangers from around the globe.

Battle Infinity saw its community growing at a quick pace since it was announced. The presale that has already gained a lot of popularity in the space managed to fulfil its hardcap of 17,500 BNB tokens within just 25 days. With an ambitious roadmap that the team has already been working on to actualize on time, Battle Infinity’s listing on Lbank may prove to be highly beneficial.

Currently trading at around $0.0058, the IBAT token can be expected to shoot up in price as the huge LBank user base becomes aware of the token listing and as the project gets listed on more exchanges in the future.

Prepare to Make Huge Gains

When Battle Infinity announced that it would list on LBank a week ago, the IBAT price on Pancakeswap rose by 446%. Think of how big an impact this bullishness would make once Battle Infinity goes live on LBank today.

So get ready to transfer your tokens to the LBank portfolio. If you don’t have a crypto account there yet, now would be the right time to do so.

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