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Base Dawgz Launches Staking As ICO Surpasses $2.3 Million For New Multichain Meme Coin

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Base Dawgz
Base Dawgz

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Base Dawgz ($DAWGZ) has officially launched its staking feature and token holders can start earning now.

The popular new meme coin on Ethereum Layer 2, Base, has a total of 1.69 billion $DAWGZ tokens allocated to staking rewards – equivalent to 20% of its 8.4 billion total token supply.

In a bullish development for $DAWGZ, investors can look forward to hourly distributions totaling 192,000 $DAWGZ tokens, taking place over the course of one year. 

This schedule allows them to continuously compound their holdings, maximizing their potential gains with every passing hour.

The presale price has moved up to $0.00581 from $0.00479 per $ DAWGZ, but that hasn’t stopped Base Dawgz from easily blowing through each successive price stage target.

And with another price jump happening in less than six days, investors should grab the opportunity now to join the presale and stake their $DAWGZ for a high APY.

Base Dawgz A Barking Success: ICO Fetches $2.3 Million

Base Dawgz’s staking feature arrives hot on the heels of its sizzling presale, now with a raise totaling over $2.3 million and still climbing.

Investors are banking on Base Dawgz to emerge as the next top meme coin on Base, potentially outshining Brett ($BRETT), which has seen an 8.2% decline in the past week, while Base Dawgz’s presale funds soared higher.

Pepe ($PEPE), which runs on the Ethereum blockchain, might be Brett’s best friend, but let’s face it – Brett needs a billion-dollar market cap meme coin buddy on Base. Base Dawgz, with its extreme sports-themed base-jumping multichain Shiba Inu mascot, could be the perfect companion.

The potential for such a milestone is within reach, especially as Base rapidly displaces Solana as the leading meme coin launchpad. In fact, the Total Value Locked (TVL) of Base has surged to $1.53 billion, closing in on Solana’s $4.6 billion.

But before claiming the top spot on the Base chain meme coin list, Base Dawgz sets its sights on reaching $2.5 million in presale funds next – a target well within reach by week’s end.

Now with the introduction of the staking mechanism, early investors are gaining more value from their token holdings. 

This development is clearly bullish for $DAWGZ, as it provides stronger incentives to hold onto the tokens for passive income, which bolsters investor confidence in the token’s future.

Moreover, with more tokens locked, it sets a positive trajectory for long-term price appreciation of $DAWGZ.

What Follows After Staking $DAWGZ?

For those who have purchased and staked their tokens, distribution will begin 24 hours after staking goes live. 

This ensures all investors have a fair shot at locking in their tokens and receiving rewards like everyone else. Retroactive rewards for presale buyers will be coming soon.

But aside from staking, investors can also earn additional $DAWGZ tokens through its social rewards program.

This program allows community members to earn points by sharing memes and posts about Base Dawgz on their social media accounts. Once the presale concludes, these points can be exchanged for $DAWGZ tokens.

This dual approach underscores Base Dawgz‘s immense potential. Not only is it a token on the rapidly expanding Base chain, but it also offers substantial rewards through staking and community engagement. 

The winning combo is why YouTuber ClayBro believes it could mint the next wave of meme coin millionaires.

1.69 billion $DAWGZ Tokens Up For Grabs In presale – Secure Yours Now

Twenty percent of the total token supply is set aside for the, with the team allocating 20% (1.69 billion $DAWGZ) for early contributors to purchase in the presale.

To take part, visit Base Dawgz’s website and connect your wallet.

As mentioned, Base Dawgz operates across multiple chains, allowing buyers to select their preferred network from Base, Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, or BSC.

Once your network is chosen, you can purchase tokens using Base (ETH, USDC), ETH (ETH/USDT), SOL, BSC (BNB/USDT), or AVAX.

For investors’ peace of mind regarding the Base Dawgz smart contract, it has successfully passed a full audit by Solid Proof, confirming zero issues in its code.

Stay in the loop with the latest news and developments by joining Base Dawgz’s community on X and Telegram.

Grab your $DAWGZ tokens now, stake for maximum returns before it’s the next top meme, cozying up with Brett on Base like new best buds!

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