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BarnBridge Price Prediction: BOND Skyrockets to $2.25 – What’s Behind the Uptrend?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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The BarnBridge token (BOND) has recorded a price increase, rebounding from its previous support level at the $2 mark. As of 5:25 AM EST on August 30, BOND is trading at $2.25, up 4% in the last 24 hours.

On August 29, the cryptocurrency market saw an unexpected uptick following the federal court ruling in favor of Grayscale Investment in its lawsuit against the US Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC)

This news triggered a wave of optimism about the approval of BTC exchange-traded products in the US, leading to a boost in market sentiment and price upturn across multiple cryptocurrencies. 

But, the broader crypto market has relapsed. Therefore, whether the BOND bulls can withstand the prevailing bearish sentiment remains.

BarnBridge Token’s Recent Performance and Challenges: A Closer Look

Over the past month, the BOND token’s value has decreased by 23%, according to data from CoinMarketCap. As a result, the token failed to reclaim its month high of $3.08, recorded on August 13.

Instead, BOND hit a low of $2.04 on August 28. But following the August 29 uptick, BOND recorded a 6% boost, reaching $2.27. 

But BOND has yet to be able to pump massively, which could mean that traders are no longer very confident about its trajectory.

BarnBridge Upcoming Delisting May Increase Negative Sentiment

While BOND maintains an uptrend today, its impending delisting from the Coinbase exchange on September 6 will likely significantly impact the price. 

According to the report, Coinbase said it will remove several tokens, including BarnBridge (BOND), from its platform following recent reviews.

Historically, when a token is delisted from a major exchange like Coinbase, it often experiences a decrease in demand and trading volume. This decrease in demand can lead to a decline in the token’s price. 

Moreover, traders might rush to sell their holdings before the delisting occurs, contributing to downward price pressure. Also, delisting from the exchange can result in reduced liquidity for the token, making it more challenging for traders to execute trades at desirable prices. 

Unfortunately, this might also impact the confidence of the project’s community or supporters. 

However, not all tokens experience a continuous downtrend after delisting. Some tokens have recovered and even thrive on other exchanges or platforms that offer them. 

A strong project like BarnBridge (BOND) with active development, real-world utility, and a committed community might find avenues for growth beyond this development.

Analyzing BarnBridge Coin’s Daily Chart – Important Observations

Over the last three days, BOND has been steadily upward, indicating that buyers dominate the market.

However, the present market state shows that the bullish sentiment is dropping, evident in the red daily candlestick. However, the bulls are trying to sustain the uptrend, evident in the formation of the inverted hammer, a signal for positive trend reversal.


The coin is above the 50-Day SMA and below the 100-Day SMA, indicating a short-term bullish momentum that might give way to a downturn in the long term. 

BOND’s market position suggests the presence of a short-term bullish sentiment, potentially driven by brief buying activity. 

On the other hand, trading below the 100-day SMA points to a potential hurdle for the coin. This indicates that, despite recent positive momentum, the coin’s overall trend might still be influenced by the price history over the past several months. It suggests that the coin hasn’t yet broken out of its longer-term downward trend.

While the short-term positive momentum is noteworthy, the resistance posed by the 100-day SMA could act as a significant psychological barrier for the coin’s price to overcome. 

In addition, the coin Moving Average Convergence Divergence is above its signal line, but the fading green bars show a dwindling buy pressure.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) of 55 shows that the buying and selling activity is balanced. However, if the RSI grows above the region, it might signal a bullish sentiment.

Close attention to short-term and longer-term trends and a clear understanding of market dynamics will be crucial in making informed decisions.

BOND’s Support and Resistance Price Levels


From the chart above, BarnBridge is under the influence of the bears and trades above the $2.07 support but faces resistance at the $3.13 price level. If the bears advance further, the token may hit the support level, triggering more downturn. However, BOND may be near the $3.13 resistance.

But, the $2.07 support level presents an attractive entry point for buy-the-dip investors. Here, buyers may be empowered to move back to the $3.13 level, the takeoff point to the $3.94 price zone.

In addition, a rally to $3.94 means investors who bought the asset at the above support will make an enormous 90% ROI.    

Viral Meme Coin Sonik Raises $750k In Presale

Many altcoins are showing positive movement in the crypto space, and a new meme coin, Sonik Coin, is showing its strength by getting more than $800,000 from eager investors.

A big reason for this excitement is the recent case won by Grayscale against the US Securities and Exchange Commission. This news has affected BTC’s price and the entire crypto ecosystem.

Sonik Coin is the new kid on the block and is becoming a favorite, just like well-known meme coins Dogecoin, PEPE, and Shiba Inu. Sonik Coin is getting a boost in popularity because it offers something not many other meme coins do – a way to earn money by staking them. 

Until now, people who joined the presale have staked around 26.3 billion tokens, making 91% profit on what they’ve put in each year. Tokens people earn by staking can be collected when the presale ends and the coin is available for trading. 

However, there’s a waiting time of 7 days before they can be claimed. This rule applies to those staked before the coin is launched on Uniswap. Investors who start staking after the launch on Uniswap also need to wait seven days before they can access the tokens they earn from staking. 

But importantly, stakers can take out their deposited tokens and rewards from the staking contract whenever they want.

Sonik Coin plans to sell half of the 299,792,458,000 tokens for this presale. The project targets to raise approximately $2.1 million from the ongoing presale.

Can $SONIK Achieve 10X Gains?

So far, $SONIK has collected over $849,000 from investors, and it’s getting increasingly popular, with only six days left before the first round of selling ends.

Currently, the presale token is selling at $0.000014. This makes the coin’s total value (fully diluted market capitalization) $4.2 million. Because of this, there’s a lot of space for the coin’s value to increase significantly.

If the $SONIK coin manages to be worth $100 million, the people who bought it early could see their money increase by about 24.

Alternatively, if the $SONIK coin becomes worth $200 million, those who bought it early might return about 50 times the money they put in. Prospective investors should visit the Sonik Coin presale website to buy the token using ETH or USDT before the presale winds down.


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