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AXS Price Pumps 11% After Apple Adds Axie Infinity on App Store

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Sky Mavis, the mastermind behind the groundbreaking non-fungible token (NFT) project Axie Infinity, is set to release its highly anticipated Axie Infinity: Origins card game on the Apple App Store. 

This strategic move targets key markets where the game has garnered immense popularity. While the game was initially accessible in limited regions exclusively through the Google Play store and the Mavis Hub platform, its expansion onto the Apple App Store marks a significant milestone for the project. 

This broader availability is expected to fuel even greater engagement and excitement among players, further solidifying Axie Infinity’s position as a leading force in the NFT gaming landscape.

Sky Mavis Launches Card Game and Mavis Market NFT Marketplace

The card-based strategy game, which offers players free non-NFT “starter” characters, will initially release on the Apple Store in Latin America and Asia, including countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Venezuela, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Currently, the game has amassed 1.5 million installations across all platforms, and it intends to expand globally by targeting Google and Apple mobile users.

In addition to the game launch, Sky Mavis is introducing Mavis Market, a carefully curated NFT marketplace that operates on the company’s native Ronin blockchain. Starting Wednesday, players can acquire collectables from third-party game or dapp developers who utilize Ronin and make them available on the marketplace. Moreover, the company has plans to launch a merchandise store to cater to its fanbase.

Sky Mavis Executive Optimistic About Apple’s Potential Evolution in Favor of Web3 Companies

Zirlin, the Sky Mavis executive, expressed optimism that Apple’s policies would eventually evolve in favour of web3 companies, stating that they hope to see the addition of in-app purchases for NFTs and the ability to link to third-party marketplaces. They expect progress to be made in the future.

Apple’s restrictions on how and where digital assets like NFTs can be purchased using its devices or its demand for a 30% cut of in-app sales may have stifled the adoption of blockchain-enabled applications. Zirlin acknowledged that this variable makes things difficult but noted that more significant players, such as Epic Games, are fighting against these policies. For example, Epic Games has taken Apple to court to protest the tech giant’s policy.

AXS Price Up 11% as Active Players Reach New Low

Axs price 17 may

Following the rapid dissemination of news regarding the availability of Axie Infinity (AXS) on Apple devices, the token’s value experienced a sudden surge of 11% within a few minutes. Starting at $6.90, the price swiftly climbed to $8.11 before settling slightly lower at $7.61 as of the time of writing.

According to the chart above, the price of AXS has remained relatively stable throughout the day, showing minimal fluctuations. However, AXS experienced a significant and dramatic movement. Furthermore, the trading volumes have seen a substantial increase. In particular, the 24-hour trading volume for AXS stands at $181 million, representing a remarkable surge of 724%.

Apple Inc. adding it on AppStore might change the games tides after the experiencing the decline in players world wide.

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