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Axiom Network Plans to Revolutionize CDs

The Axiom Network, a platform that exists as a “revolutionary cryptocurrency investment vehicle built for income investors” and “utilizes cutting-edge smart contracts to deliver predictable returns to investors in an arrangement similar to a traditional certificate of deposit,” has started offering investors a high-yield cryptocurrency-based version of more traditional CD portfolios, according to a press release from the group.

It’s doing so via its tokens, also called Axion, which are meant to exist as certificates of deposits, the release continues. These yield high defined returns as long as the investor agrees to a period of investment ahead of time.

“The idea is to provide a less volatile way for average investors to use cryptocurrency as an income stream, just as they might with a conventional CD or dividend investment portfolio. The important part, however, is that Axion features an 8% yield, where comparable investments struggle to produce even a quarter as much.”

Essentially, buyers can bid on Axiom with Ethereum tokens, and 80% of those profits will go toward the user while the other 20% will go toward maintaining the network, the release continues.

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