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Aurachain to Assist Romanian Government in Developing Blockchain Platform

Aurachain, the self-described “leading low-code rapid application development platform for global businesses to build both digital process and smart contract applications for blockchain networks,” has revealed a partnership with Telekom Romania, “one of the world’s leading telecommunications companies and provider of the T-Systems range of integrated solutions for business customers,” according to a press release from the group.

The goal here is to ensure the Romanian government can utilize Aurachain to “provide both blockchain and digital process applications to be immediately available as part of Telekom’s Romania Business Continuity strategy, initially including InterVote and WellnessHive; two solutions tailored specifically to address business issues resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic,” the release continues.

InterVote is a platform that allows companies to “take critical decisions in a compliant, auditable and touchless way” thanks to meeting votes which are possible even if users are not all in the same area.

Speaking on the matter is Adela Wiener, the CEO at Aurachain, who said:

“Applications such as Intervote, WellnessHive and the platform for Romania are clear illustrations of the power of Aurachain’s low-code rapid application development platform. All were deployed for production in less than two weeks, supporting both complex functional requirements and rigorous user loads. Each application is a proof of Aurachain’s ability to markedly reduce delivery time, while supporting both small and enterprise grade applications in a highly responsive and effective way.”

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