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Aragon Network Token Price Prediction: How High Can ANT Go in the Next 6 Months?


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Aragon Network (ANT) is on an uptrend as buyers re-enter the market following a brief downturn on September 15. As of 5:01 AM EST on September 19, it is trading at $4.4. 

Today’s price movement is an extension of the uptrend recorded yesterday, September 18. While the rally momentum has reduced slightly, it allowed ANT to regain nearly 5% of its price past week’s gains.

However, the token still holds a 2% 30-day price decline. But how high can ANT go, given the bulls’ strong charge in the market? Let’s explore the possibilities.

ANT Could Soar Higher Amid These Ecosystem Events

The Aragon Network Token (ANT) price is subject to multiple factors, and a few of them may extend beyond the principal influence of Bitcoin’s price movements. While Bitcoin is known to set the pace for the broader crypto market, significant developments in the ANT ecosystem can potentially lead to higher price levels.

A good example of such developments is the introduction of Jokerace, a community-driven contest to make, execute, and reward decisions. It aims to allow a consensus on proposed updates on the Aragon app, which could generate significant interest and enthusiasm in the community.

This heightened enthusiasm can increase demand for ANT, driving its price upward. Another noteworthy factor is its token burn events, which permanently remove many ANT tokens from circulation.

Technical Indicators Suggest Possible Retracement; Time to Get in? 

ANT showed positive price movement in the last few weeks after breaking into the upper region of the Donchian Channel (DC) on April 3. Despite slight retracements, it remains above the Median Band of the Donchian Channel. 

This implies that the buyers are dominant, although the asset is in a sideways trend on the weekly chart. But the small-sized candles formed over the last five weeks hint at limited trading activity for the asset despite its gains.

Moreover, the relative strength index is at 61.9, moving sideways, depicting uncertainty and indecision among traders. Conversely, the Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACF) has dropped below its signal line, implying that sellers have returned to the market intent on forcing a retracement. 

If buyers fail to reignite their momentum to break the prevailing resistance, ANT price could regress, presenting an opportunity for buyer-the-dip traders.

ANT Encounters Stiff Resistance After Uptrend: How High Will It Go in Next Six Months?

ANT entered a Sideways Trend for the last few weeks after encountering resistance at $4.4. The sellers at the $4.4 level continue to limit ANT’s gains, forcing it to rest on the $4.2 support last week. 

But ANT is attempting to retest the $4.4 resistance this week, and a break above this level will resume the uptrend. However, it lacks sufficient pressure from the buyers to break the $4.4 resistance in the short term.

Nevertheless, based on ANT’s past price action, buyers often rally after each dip, determined to buy low and sell high. Furthermore, ANT has formed a rising wedge pattern on the weekly chart. This bullish pattern implies that ANT will record more gains, possibly targeting $5 in the coming months.

However, slight retracements in between will likely occur, returning ANT to its closest support level. Therefore, the long-term analysis for ANT in the next six months is bullish. 

Aragon Network Token Alternative – Bitcoin BSC

While Aragon Network Token’s future ascent remains uncertain, Bitcoin BSC emerges as a haven for investors looking to avoid price turbulence. Bitcoin BSC is an eco-friendly crypto project with a staking system to incentivize long-term holding and active community participation.

Furthermore, by combining the enduring traits with the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) efficiency, Bitcoin BSC aims to redefine the narrative of token-based rewards.

BTCBSC holders can generate passive income through staking. The staking rewards are released at 10-minute intervals.

Additionally, with a price tag of $0.99, this fresh crypto venture has already gathered over $3.1 million in funds since its launch. The current price presents BTCBSC as an enticing crypto prospect.

Also, BTCBSC presales offer investors the best opportunities to accumulate the tokens at an affordable price before the anticipated boom. Interestingly, stakers have deposited over half a million $BTCBSC into the staking smart contract.

 The annual percentage yield is an impressive 447% but will gradually decline as more coins enter the pool. Investing a relatively small amount in Bitcoin BSC today could earn 5x or even 100x gains upon its launch. 

Interested individuals can participate in the project by purchasing the $BTCBSC token with ETH, BNB, or USDT. Visit its official website to get started.

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